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Test Bench Journal First Entry

Part One


   Well I am not sure anyone noticed but I wasn't updating the site for a few days over the weekend do to a new project I am working on with a close friend. We are attempting to build a customer test bench that allows me to run multiple tests with ease and make for  accessible parts and photo ops. Basically its a frame that holds two motherboards, up to 4 power supplies, and a bunch of 5 1/4" Drive bays. Also a quick disconnect to swap out motherboards when needed.. This project will take a while to complete but the majority of the frame is finished so you guys can get a good idea of our plans. If all goes well I might convince my buddy to make a few more to selling purposes to inquire send me a mail note preitschky @


Anyways lets start with the basic plan mind you these are ruff sketches and more for a base idea then the exact method of creating this bench.. Please note the superior art work involved in these sketches LOL!!!!!!!!

Let start at the beginning. We need to make our raw legs and cut them down to size. Please note everything other then the large platforms are all made with 2 x 4's and that includes all the trim.

Next step is taking the legs and routing the edges for a more appealing look.

And back to the table saw to make the frame pieces.

Finally we get to start putting stuff together.

Here is where things can get a bit tricky after making the frame we needed to place the 5 1/4 base inside the lower frame. We had to use clamps to hold the base in place until fastened using finishing nails.

After the 5 1/4 bay base was finished we had to complete the sides and top frame to hold the motherboard base and power supply section.

Note the 1 1/2 inch gap between the two top layer frames this is for wire management Ideally all the wiring will go into this slot and not be visible plus this will allow for easy access no mater what wiring you need to get to.

These photos pretty much conclude the firs weekend of work and the entire frame as you can see the PSU platform is roughly 6 inches and the two pieces motherboard bases fit perfect.

Next we will need to do clean up or molding to cover all the screws and nails along with mounting and handles.  Then finally sanding and stain. All in all our first part went well and the bench is turning out very nice. I hope you guys like it..

Let me know what you think on the message board. Forum Link

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