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CES Las Vegas 2005 ATI



pr101j (Paul)




   On the ATI side of the world, they had the booth babes let me tell you. At CES PowerColor's twin models really got my attention and brought me running to the booth. In all seriousness though, the ATI display at the Show was very impressive. They had a few systems for use to the general public and along the one wall was a display of at least four of the main ATI manufacturers. Two in particular that I personally have heard nothing but rave reviews were PowerColor and Connect 3D. Both had similar setups displaying their latest products. If not mistaken, PowerColor just received awards for their 7 newer video cards from the "Taiwanese Symbol of Excellence Awards". This award was given for being one of the most reputable companies for "best design and highest quality products." Link to Release DocumentPowerColor is one of the leading manufacturers of the ATI cards and has been proving themselves every step of the way. PowerColor was established in 1999 in the City of Industry CA, providing products in North and South America. They provide a full line of 9000 Series and X-series ATI cards to fit any client's needs. All products are ISO 9001 Certified guaranteeing quality and reliability.


Photos above are PowerColor's Booth Babes and there Product Display


These images provided by PowerColor Link


3D Conntect's Product Display



  PowerColor released three new products at the CES show the "Theater 550 PRO TV turner", the "X850 Series" and the "X800XL" all of these products help to complete PowerColor's line of ATI PCIe and Video solutions. If these products are anything like PowerColor's previous releases they will do well. The X850 has what looks to be an Artic-Cooling VGA cooler or similar so make sure you have the room for the cooling device. The X850 is the most advanced gaming card made by PowerColor using its Power throttling technology. This architecture also provides dual-DVI support and HDTV output capabilities for large screen gamming.

   The 550 PRO TV tuner card will complete any multi-media PC with fully integrated Coax VI/VO and S-video hook ups. This card work both in PCI & PCIe slots giving multiple applications for home video theater setup. All of PowerColor's products are Certified ATI designs to insure product quality.


Here are some nice images to PowerColor's 550 TV tuner card


And PowerColor's X850 XT PCIe Video Card





    Also included at the exhibit was a nice display of ATI’s newer Mother boards.  I know we are talking Video cards, but I just wanted to add some photos of the new ATI products.  Anyhow,



   In a different building I also stumbled across another ATI graphics manufacturer. Sapphire Inc. They had two beautiful booth models in skin tight latex suits displaying the video cards and drawing crowds to the products. Sapphire is a very well known ATI chip set graphics card manufacturer. They recently teamed up with Artic-Cooling to create a better cooling solution that comes in stock with the newer X800 & X850 cards. These products are the latest and greatest gaming cards ATI has to offer. Notice the extra care put into the design of these two cards in the photos below. If you decide on buying any of these product from Sapphire, make sure you have room. The extra cooling power means extra space, so you will lose a IO slot.  Overall,  Sapphire’s exhibit and documentation were well done. The give-away's and over all appearance of the booth made me want to look, well the hot babes helped.  Nice job Sapphire!  I was glad to see your booth and products.

Sapphire Tech Booth And Babes


   What we have shown above is Sapphire's newest addition to their X-series graphics chip set, the X850 with Vi/VO capabilities. Please note the cooling unit design, especially for this card by Artic-Cooling.

   Sapphire also had one of their very popular X700 pro cards as well. This card has a custom Artic-Cooling cooler very similar to the Silence NV series.





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Connect 3D


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