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CES Las Vegas 2005 Motherboards



pr101j (Paul)





   With the multitude of motherboard manufacturers now a days its tuff to keep track of all the companies. Everyone that is interested in computers knows who ASUS,  MSI, and Intel are, but what I would like to look at are some of the lesser know manufacturers. At the CES show there where a large number of slightly smaller companies I felt had a good display and deserved some recognition for there fine quality products and exhibit presentation...




   The first company I would like to highlight is Soltek. Soltek was founded in 1996 based out of Taiwan producing on average 300,00 motherboards per month. Their booth was in the Hilton convention center section and they had a nice display of not only the motherboards but also their latest addition to Soltek's product line the shuttle type PC's the "QBIC". Soltek has a complete line of AMD & Intel based motherboards with a wide array of Chipsets. Just about every solution for the PC enthusiast. With the new buzz concerning "SLI" NVIDIA technology Soltek has created  two unique AMD boards supporting 1 PCIe 16 slot and 3 x PCIe 1 slots both boards are designed for the newer AMD 64bit boards one utilizing the 939 chip and the other uses 754 chip. For a newer company they have done allot to create a stable platform to run the newer video gamming chipset with a 1ghz Hyper Transport. Both models the SL-K89Pro-939 and the SL-K890Pro-754 look to be a top solution for the avid gamer. With the limited number of AMD chipset manufacturers that support PCIe it is nice to see a company supporting multiple CPU's..





Above are a few photos of the Soltek booth there motherboard and video card display along with a few images of the new QBIC bare bones systems.








   The second motherboard manufacturer that impressed me at the show was Albatron. Albatron displayed four of their main motherboards supporting AMD XP, AMD 64, And Intel P4 class CPU's. All of these boards are ATX style supporting a range of video controllers from PCIe to AGP. All of the boards at the show supported the latest S-ATA and IDE drives and had some sort of built in RAID control to increase performance or reliability depending on the RAID chosen. Some of them like the "K8Ultra-V Pro II" AMD 64 754 socket motherboard even have the latest 1000MHz FSB and an ultra fast Marvell 1Gbit LAN onboard. Though ALbatron is not your main stream ASUS board they have a very reliable reputation and competitive product worth taking a closer look if you are tired of buying the same old same old board... Albatron also provides a Pentium solution supporting the latest PCIe. One PCIe x 16 and two PCIe x 1. This board the PX915 Pro uses the P4 Prescott socket 775 with up to an 800 MHz FSB.. For more information about these and all Albatron's other products visit their website @



  Above are a few pics of the boards on display they also had some very nice Video products for highlights on them check out the NVIDIA section of our CES editorials HERE. Oh I almost forgot the buzz is also that ALbatron is working on a SLI solution coming up in the near future so keep your eyes pealed for their upcoming product lines..




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