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CES Las Vegas 2005 NVIDIA



pr101j (Paul)



   When talking about video cards and why there are so many manufacturers, a lot of consumers donít realize that there is a difference between the manufacturers or company's video products versus the same chip set with another company.

   While I was at CES last week, there was a multitude of vendors showing off their cards. Let us take a look at the NVIDIA side of the world and what manufacturers came to the show this year.


   Let us begin with the NVIDIA exhibit first. NVIDIAís display booth was enormous. They had workstations based on specific technology aspects that they wanted to highlight. One technology I found interesting was the new 3D monitor display. Watching the machine run with true 3D display was impressive, though I am not sure if it is released to the market as of yet.  It appears to be working well and should be something worth looking for in the near future.  Anyway, let's move on near the back of the exhibit.  NVIDIA had a nice display of their latest video products. I personally like to look at the different products side by side to see the physical differences.  If you stopped over to their booth and wanted to wait in line to fill out a survey, NVIDIA would have you draw from a box on chances to win prizes. Even if you didnít win the larger prizes everyone walked away with some sort of promo bag. The exhibit was set up into sections or stations for gaming, Media Pc's,  and so forth. Along the back wall NVIDIA displayed a number of the product's packages to show the different style cards and accessories. (see images below)


   A lesser-known manufacturer, with a somewhat more modest exhibit, really caught my attention at the CES show this year. Albatron is somewhat smaller then your standard MSI or ASUS manufacturers, but when I looked over their full line of products, and more importantly the specs, it was very clear this company can make some video cards. Now it is very important to note that Albatron is a certified NVIDIA vendor and this means that they have passed all the standards set by NVIDIA to produce NVIDIA chip set graphics cards. Not all manufacturers can say this about their products. I am hoping in the near future to test out a few of these products to see if they can perform as well as they look. I have included a number of photos from the show. For more information on these products, please go to Albatron.


   A little more about Albatron. They have been around since 1984, based out of Taiwan over the past few years expanding their market from Motherboards to Video cards. In fact, in 2003 Albatron won awards for "5" of their products from the "Taiwan Symbol of Excellence 2003" for exceptional product design and quality. They not only make video cards, but Motherboards and Plasma displays as well. For a complete list of their products please go HERE. Let's take a look at the NVIDIA products that Albatron brought with them to the CES show.....

    These are a few of their PCI and AGP type video cards: the 6800, 6600, and the 5750 FX. All come with extra cooling power and sinks to get the job done.

    MSI had a few of the newer NVIDIA cards on display, but their focus was pointed primarily on the new Satellite workstations and their new laptop designs. Though they did have a display of the new SLI technology, I did not see a working model or any specs on system.


   Speaking of SLI, I was slightly disappointed that there was not more manufacturers at the show with working machines for the general public to try. I, for one, would love to compare the difference. To be honest, the only exhibit I found where a patron could actually run one of the new SLI machines was at the AMD booth. Let me tell you, it is as good as NVIDIA boosts, at least this model was the ďBOMB.Ē I wanted to take it home with me. As you can see below,  AMD really did a nice job on this case, it is modded out very well and the cooling system is top notch. I canít wait to get my hands on one of these systems for myself. Itís only a matter of time.



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