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CES Las Vegas 2005 Xinruilian Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

XFan / XCooler




pr101j (Paul)






   Xinruilian Science & Technology Co. Ltd. , a Taiwan based manufacturer of PC and electronic cooling products, was at the CES show this year. I had never heard of this company before but their fans and cooling devices intrigued me. Their booth was in the Hilton center in the Taiwan section. After looking over the product line it was very clear this company made a large number of products. Xinruilian has everything from case fans to CPU coolers and even custom electronic DC and AC current fan modules. One very impressive part of this manufacturer was the number of ISO and QS or ANSI certifications they have achieved. What this means is Xinruilian takes the time to test and make sure their products are very reliable, safe and produced under specific standards. Hence, the large number of reputable manufacturers that use XCooler products in their equipment.  For a complete list of manufacturers using Xinruilian  product line, check HERE under the Company Profile.


   The XCooler & XFan label are actually a product lines from Xinruilian. They are based all over China and Taiwan.  Xinruilian originally incorporated in May of 1994 and receiving their first ISO certification just three years after in 1997. I can not stress enough the important of ISO certification and the difficulty of acquiring this certificate. By 1999, they doubled their manufacturing and expanded production. And even now they are growing strong with three plants and over 3,000 employees.  I can see them expanding and expect to be hearing more about their products in the upcoming year.



   The product line Xinruilian had at the show consisted of various items.  As you can see from the photos, there are a number of LED fans and CPU coolers. I especially liked the new line of Heat pipes and stock CPU coolers.. XCoolers new CPU cooling designs range from Aluminum fin vertical and horizontal, Copper heat Piping and Copper core with aluminum fins.  Not to mention the center LED light design in their 80mm XFan. Hopefully in the near future I can get a few of these products and take a closer look at how they work. Just so you get a better idea of the diversity of cooling products XCooler has. The images below are just a few of their latest products in which I had the pleasure of viewing in person. However, these images are from the XFan website, so if you want to look at the full product line and the origin of the photos below feel free to visit their site These coolers range from Intel P4 to AMD socket A, including their newest AMD 64 Bit cooler. I would like to thank the Xinruilian for there assistance with this article and for allowing us to use some of their images. Hope you guys enjoy the article!!!!





For more information on any of the products please check out their website @







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