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CES Las Vegas 2005

XaviX / Jackie Chain Gaming systems



pr101j (Paul)



   At the CES expo this year, I noticed a large number of gaming systems designed around physical well being. One in particular not only caught my eye, but created a rather large buzz around the expo as a whole. XaviX, a relatively new company founded in 1995, has designed a few games for not only entertainment, but to increase physical activity as well. These interactive games range from Golf to Fishing with their latest line of Jackie Chan endorsed systems. Upon entering XaviX's booth, it was very clear these products were designed to test the participants physical coordination and stamina. Using what they call an XaviXPort(tm), the average person can compete either against the console or another player in a multitude of sports in the comfort of your own home. The XaviXPort uses a proprietary processor designed by XaviX to create a truly interactive gaming experience.



As you can see from the photos below, this modular system connects to your existing television, similar to a VCR or other console games.  From the reactions of many of the participants at the exhibit, the game was very enjoyable and easy to learn whether using the baseball system or the Jackie Chan Boxing.



At the exhibit Tom Arnold demonstrated the Jackie Chan Action Boxing game on their large screen platform. After knocking out a few opponents, Tom invited a participant from the audience to show just how easy it was to learn. The young lady Tom chose quickly picked up on the game and within moments started exchanging blows with her virtual opponent. After this demonstration, Tom Arnold introduced Jackie Chan to the stage where Jackie used another item of the products he endorses, the Jackie Chan Action Mat . Jackie demonstrated one of the games on this system, the aerobic workout combining timing and a cardio exercise in one game. This game uses a pad located on the floor where the participant was prompted to activate certain squares at precise times, making the virtual character move in particular ways. This game also has fighting and speed trials, along with a few other extras.  For video footage of the event,. XaviX has them for streaming at their website. HERE   At the booth there was a station for every game XaviX has released where anyone can try. The energy that XaviX's staff had made the booth that much more fun to watch and participate. I noted people of all ages partaking in the activities. Very few walked away without some type of positive comment .  Jackie and Tom both did a wonderful job pleasing the crowd. I was impressed that they had multiple shows every day of the event to make sure everyone got a good look at how these products work. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these consoles to do a full review. Unfortunately, the Jackie Chan products are not set to be available until summer 2005, so I will have to wait to get a better look at them. However, we are looking into setting up a review of one of XaviX released products so check back in the next month or so, we might have a detailed review posted on our main site, . For more photos of Jackie or Tom please visit our Celebrity Page.



“Both of these new interactive applications allow you to experience the thrill of training like Jackie Chan,” said Michael Favish, spokesperson for Jackie Chan XaviX.





Detailed Product specs of launched products. provided by XaviX


XaviXTennis - Serve, volley and play like a pro with the wireless XaviX Tennis Racket.  XaviXTennis offers realistic high-definition graphics and stereo sound effects in one of four grass, clay or hard courts.  Players can select opponents with individual skill sets and player styles, and offers a choice of Tournament, Exhibition and Training modes.

XaviXBaseball - Use the wireless XaviX Baseball Bat and Ball to test your pitching and hitting skills against computer-generated teams or compete directly against friends in two player mode.  With XaviX Baseball, players can even lead their team through the playoffs and on to victory with League Play.  The velocity and angle of each swing is calculated by the XaviXPORT, while live pitch control allows players to throw one of nine different pitches.  Players can choose between three different stadiums and can even pick their own team, along with team name and colors!

 XaviXBowling - Whether it’s a strike or a gutter ball, XaviXTechnology calculates starting position, speed and the angle of ball, putting players right in the bowling alley!  Lifelike bowling action allows players to control the amount of hook on each release of the XaviX Bowling Ball. Players can customize and play as one of eight characters, choose a pre-set a bowling technique and select a ball color.

XaviXGolf:  Players will swing the XaviXGolf Putter or XaviXGolf Driver to play a nine or 18 hole course, while sensors embedded in the wireless XaviXGolf Tee detect the speed of the club to determine whether the swing is inside out or outside in.  The XaviXGolf Tee’s indicators help players line up for the perfect shot, while realistic course graphics feature grand awesome fairway views and putting greens.  The game offers individual and multiple-player modes as well as a choice of exhibition, tournament or 10-shot games which can be customized according to the names and characters of each player.  Players may check the results of their score cards or drop into the clubhouse to pick up some tips from the pros. 

XaviXBassFishing:  Players compete to land the biggest fish with a choice of live bait or lures, fishing locations like small ponds or mountain lakes, and various class levels or tournament modes.  The Wireless Fishing Rod calculates the weight and fight in the fish, and players must take care not to reel in their catch too fast and snap the line.  Realistic wireless controllers all players to feel the tension build as they reel in each fish. 

For more information concerning the products or purchase information check out XaviX website @

Also I would like to thank XaviX for helping with some of the material in this article and for making such a fun and exciting booth.. I enjoyed the experience very much..

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