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-CD Drive Stealthing Guide-





   Have you ever posted a picture of your brand new high-end rig only to be insulted by people telling you to hide those ugly beige CD drives?


  Well, in this guide I will walk you through the art of CD-Drive stealthing. You may be wondering what stealthing means; in the dictionary the definition of stealthing is ďintended to escape observation.Ē That is exactly what weíll be doing!


   This is a very easy mod, which will only take 10 minutes. The cost of this mod was $0 since most of it was found around the house. If you need any or all of the materials on this list then youíll find yourself around the $50 range.


Materials List Ė


  • CD Drive

  • Flat-head Screwdriver

  • Blank 5.25Ē CD -Drive Cover

  • Scrap DVD Box (The kind AOL CDs come in)

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Velcro Strip

  • Paper Clip

  • 220 Grit 3M Wet/Dry Sand Paper



Here is a CD-RW drive I will be stealthing for use in Project: Vash.



   Take a paper clip and insert it into the emergency eject aperture. You should hear the gears move into place. This is when youíll notice the tray pop out slightly.



   Grab onto the tray and gently pull all the way until it stops. Make sure you donít force the tray out.



   Now youíll need to remove the bezel of the CD drive.  Take your flathead screwdriver and unlatch the small tabs located on the top, bottom, and sides of the CD drive casing.



It should look like this when youíre finished popping off the CD drive faceplate.



   You will have to remove the faceplate on the tray before you can take off the CD drive plate. Depending on how itís attached, all you do is push up on the CD tray faceplate until it just pops off. Here Iíve taken off the tray faceplate and the CD drive plate slides right off.



When you have both faceplates put off to the side, close the CD tray all the way.



   Here is where a spare drive bay cover will come in handy. The one here is aluminum, but it should work the same way as a plastic cover when finished.



   You can either bend or dremel the tabs on the side of the cover. Since we donít want any sharp edges, take a piece of wet/dry 300 grit sandpaper and sand down the sides until they are smooth. This should take about 30 seconds for both sides.



   I turned the cover over so that you could see what it would look like when sanding is completed.




   Remember the scrap DVD box that AOL CDs come in? I bet you were wondering what we needed that for. Itíll be used so that we can press the eject button on the CD drive. Take this and either snap or cut the plastic tab from the box.




This is what youíll have when itís completed.



   Use the hot glue gun to attach the plastic tab to the drive bay cover. Donít forget to pay attention to where it goes on the cover so that it will press against the eject button.



Here you will see how the tab is attached to the cover.



Next take some Velcro and cut it to be 4 inches wide and ľĒ in height. Place it onto the CD tray. This is how the new cover will stick on also itís not permanent so that you can use the cover on the new DVD-RW you got for your birthday. Align the cover to the CD drive and press hard so that it sticks on correctly. If itís a hit and miss you can try again since its Velcro.



Now all you have to do is install your newly stealthed CD Drive and show it off to all your friendsÖor not, since they canít tell itís there.


In the image below I have marked where my stealthed CD Drive is hidden. Canít tell now can you?


Marns CDA




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