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09/30/2007 Mix Master Meatloaf's ABIT AV8

03/21/2007 Jay's Upgrade AMD XP to Intel 775 P4

03/21/2007 My first HTPC (Home Theater PC)

03/17/2007 Bro's PC/PSU problem ABIT AX8

03/15/2007 Tiger Direct Repair/Upgrade

12/06/2006 SoundWave II Revamp

Resource & Reference Material


11/04/06 PC Basics A novice guide to PC hardware

09/04/06 Power Supply Buyers Guide

03/26/06 PC Wiring Pin Out Diagrams

03/04/06 Binary Numbering System

02/20/06 OEM vs. RETAIL

01/18/06 PSQL commands and stuff

12/28/05 HTML Cheat Sheet

12/22/05 Unix / Linux Command Line Reference

09/30/05 Basic Wiring Pin Outs


12/06/05 The evolution of the CPU cooler

09/30/05 Tricks & Tips Wiring stuff Continued

09/25/05 Encryption 101 Basics

01/2005 CES 2005 Expo Coverage

12/2004 December LAN Party Photos

10/2004 Air Cooling and Flow



 Affiliates Articles

Microsoft, CBDPTA and the TCPA/TCG @

 Mod Guides, Work Logs & Pictures

 Modular PSU By JessAlba452

  UV Pen Mod By Lee


 Test Bench

Part One , Part Two

 CD Stealth Mod By JessAlba452

 Round Floppy or IDE Cables

Work Bench

Tiger Direct Repair/Upgrade

update 03-15-2007

 PSU UV cover and Fan mod

SoundWave II Revamp

update 12-06-2006


Jay's Upgrade AMD XP to Intel 775 P4

update 03-21-2007


Custom Acrylic Fan Grill

  Bro's PC/PSU problem ABIT AX8

update 03-17-2007



 Heat Sink Wire Hide






 Affiliates Guides



Shuriken - SX635 AntecMod @ Total Conversion @

Hard Drive Window @

Antec Front Window Mod @

Monitor Makeover Part II @

Building a Fanbus @

How to Tweak your Nvidia Based Video Card @

Homemade Copper/Aluminium RAM Sinks @

Cutting a case window @




If you have a Mod or Photos you would like to share please feel free to e-mail me the info to post. 




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