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Affiliate News 2004

If you have something coming up let us know.

12/30/04 FIC's solution based on ATI's RS350 chipset @ Viper Lair

"The P4M-RS350 itself is a complete package that gives you the ability to upgrade the graphics when you have the money to do so. It carries competent performance and enough onboard solutions that voids the fact there is only 3 PCI slots available."

Review Link

12/30/04 New Release MaxVisons Portable Media Line


"MaxVision gives complete engagement in developing products to be synonymous with quality, innovation and creativity.  Full delivery of MP3 players, USB Pen drives and Flash Memory cards are kicked off and shipped to the shelves of their global customers. "

Press Link

12/30/04 Vantec NexStar 2, 3.5" IDE hard drive mobile enclosure @ A1

" We have to say a clean, neat, tidy and stylish mobile IDE hard drive enclosure and very lightweight is the Vantec NexStar 2 which would not look out of place on any desk. And as the Vantec NexStar 2 is made of plastic there is no chance of it damaging your desk or whatever you use to transport it in."

Review Link

12/30/04 Win a "X700PRO" 256MB from Power Color

For details Click

12/29/04 OCLabs B3 PlexyBlock Review @ PCmoddingmy

"My first impression with this OCLabs B3 PlexyBlock is that it is very small when compared with other water cooling water blocks out in the market. This B3 PlexyBlock sized only at 50 x 50 x 25mm, without the barbs. It is is just slightly bigger than the AMD64 processor. The whole block looks like chrome while the lid was made of acrylic. This has got the be the shinniest looking water block in the streets! Besides the PlexyBlock, OCLabs also has Monoblock for their water block products, but the MonoBlock doesn't come with the acrylic lid. You might want to get this kind of water block for your next modding project, wouldn't you?"
Review Link

12/29/04 New Product Scythe NCU-2005 Fanless Heatsink @ Scythe

"The famous NCU-2000 fanless heatsink (new model name is NCU-2005) is now available with LGA775 socket compatibility and a 120mm optional fan mounting clips!  This new version is an ideal fanless heatsink for anyone who is looking to build a silent PC system!"

Product Page

12/29/04 Thermaltake PurePower 680w power supply @ A1


" We have been using Thermaltake power supplies for some years now and have found them to do precisely what they say they do, work and work well and reliably and so does this Thermaltake PurePower 680w. What more can we ask."

Review Link

12/28/04 DG834GT Review @ TekBunker

“Ok, sounds good. Though first a sad story, well kind of. I had my trusty DG824M since July 2003, to replace my DG814. I was planning to upgrade any week now, but then, for no reason, the router died. Just like that. Luckily, with a 3 year warranty, I feel a little better, and have registered and emailed netgear about this issue. I bought the latest DG834GT, because I love the way netgear routers look. By far the best looking, most boring part of a PC. Well done netgear for this. This review is not a big tech review of how well the router does something fancy, but a mini review, to show what u get, does it work, and is it good. Nothing more.”

Review Link

12/27/04 ATake Dual Colour UV LED Fan @ DreamWare Computers

"Computer lighting has really evolved as it has become more popular. There's regular cathodes, UV, LED light strips, "bubble" light strips, LED fans, cathode lit fans, and on and on. Today we're taking a look at a Dual Colour UV LED Fan made by ATake. The unusual thing about this fan is that the blades are lit one colour and the body of the fan is lit another colour! Very neat effect."

Review Link

12/26/04 4 days left* Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory GIVEAWAY @


"You've got the most bangin' system on the block, with every possible component spiced up but you cheesed out on the RAM - you aren't the only one who's done it. The quality of a computer's memory is a very important factor in system performance, so why bottle neck? Since we all can't afford the best stuff on the market, Crucial has stepped up to the plate with their newest Ballistix Memory series. One lucky winner will be able to take home 1gigabyte of Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000 memory!"


Contest Link

12/26/04 Extension on TekBumker Giveaway Check it out before its to late

"Hi all,

Ok update to the great creative comp - finish date - Last Day of Christmas. This gives an extra 2 weeks to all rig owners to get a last Christmas present"

Contest Link

12/22/04 Thermaltake new release CL-W003B VGA water cooler

Thermaltake has a new series of liquid cooling equipment.. Take a look. Product Page

12/20/04 Choosing a graphics card, ATI or Nvidia year end guide.


     "2004 seems to have flow past rather quick and we are here again doing our choosing & buying a graphics card. We have tried to simplify the now rather extensive list of available cards that are presently available but hope that our guide gives you the basic information you need to make your choice and have focused on ATI & Nvidia."

Review Link

12/17/04 Asus AX800Pro/TVD @ Extensive Mods

"With the arrival of the new era of FPS pumping, quality enhancing, performance boosting video cards came the ASUS AX800Pro/TVD. Since the release of the ATI R420, and Nvidia 6800 GPU's, there has been rivalry between the two company's to produce the fastest graphics card on the market. With features such as ATI's Smoothvision HD, Smartshader HD, Videoshader D, Hyper Z HD, and 3Dc, ATI is continuing to push the bounds of graphics card technology in the 21st century! Read the review to find out more!"

Review Link

12/16/04 Vantec 11-in-1 mobile memory card reader

@ A1

" Maybe it is just us but this Vantec 11-in-1 mobile memory card reader seems to us to be a very handy little device for just about everybody. All it needs is a thin cloth bag to protect it a little. But that is being fussy."
Review Link

12/16/04 Front X-tension @ Voodooreviews

"I would recommend this product to anyone in a situation like
mine, where they would benefit from front port access. With the wide variety
of ports available, there is bound to be a right combination for you."

Review Link

12/16/04 Thermaltake Tsunami Dream USB keyboard & mouse 

@ A1

" We have to say that it is for the writer a delight using the keys on this Thermaltake Tsunami Dream keyboard compared to the expensive cordless one he normally uses. Their touch when tying is both soft, firm and positive. The keyboard is steady and stiff compared to the one he normally uses which is flexible and was expensive."
Review Link

 Dec. 11th and 12th is holding a huge LAN party all are invited. For info check out the link above, or here are the flyers in PDF format. 


Flyer1 FLyer2

12/09/04 SteelPad Qck+ mouse mat or pad @ A1

" But we can say that this SteelPad Qck+ mouse mat or pad is an excellent product as it does exactly what it says is does."

Review Link

12/06/04 Voodoo Reviews is having a contest that will result in one lucky user getting a 400GB Seagate SATA hard drive. 

Contest Link
How To Enter:

   "The winner MUST have at least 10 valid (non-contest posts) forum posts before December 30th! You can enter 1 time per day by replying to the corresponding post. The Winner will be drawn randomly and contacted via email, they will have 24 hours to respond (use a valid email account when registering). Open to residents of USA and Canada only, due to shipping costs. The drawn winner will be asked to reply via email to a few questions that can be answered by reading a specified review posted on our site. Again, the winner will have 24 hours to reply. If the user fails to reply or can not complete the questions, another post will be selected."

12/06/04 Thermaltake HardCano 13 fan controller & 6-in-1 memory card reader

@ A1

"Now we and you are able to remove our old fan controller and memory card reader and install this single modern Thermaltake HardCano 13 and with so many different colours to choose from there is bound to be one that suits the computer case."

Review Link

12/06/04 Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard Review @ DreamWare Computers

"The Digital Media Pro keyboard from Microsoft is their latest wired keyboard. It offers very sleek looks, coupled with a wide variety of customizable hot keys. There is a new feature making it's debut on this keyboard, and that is the new Zoom Slider! The zoom slider is a feature that can really enhance computer usage by adding a function people use all the time, now at the touch of a button. Read on!"

Review Link

12/2/04 PowerColor X850 XT Platinum Edition 

Product Link

"The PowerColor X850 XT PE, the core/memory clock speed up to 540/590 MHz and memory up to 256MB GDDR3 SDRAM, delivers frame rates that surpass any previous graphics processor making it the world’s most powerful and unleash the hidden visual effects performance of your favorite game. The PowerColor X850 XT PE features incredible display architecture and power throttling technology, now with dual DVI and HDTV support. Only PowerColor graphics boards deliver all of the super-charged performance of ATI’s most advanced VPU direct to your PC screen.” said Ted Chen, CEO of Tul Corporation. "

12/1/04 Corsair PC3200 DDR400 Value DDR memory kit @ A1

"They don't run at the same higher speeds of Corsair's higher performance DDR memory but then again they cost a lot less. Seems to us that this Corsair PC3200 DDR400 VS1GBKIT400 memory kit fits the bill for most computer users."

Review Link

Also @ A1 

Thermaltake Silent 775 Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 heatsink

"You can see from our graph the Thermaltake Silent 775 gives excellent cooling performance and continues to hold its position as the heat is increased even up to our 170 watts of heat. When you consider how quiet the fan is (21dBA) at 2,500 rpm compared to the top two heatsinks shown here ..............."

Review Link

12/1/04 Just released on the Market Crucial(R) Ballistix(TM) Tracer(TM)

(Memory Major "bling bling" of course!)

"Introducing Crucial(R) Ballistix(TM) Tracer(TM) high-performance memory 
featuring two rows of activity-indicating LEDs and blue ground effects 
LEDs - all custom integrated directly into the PCB and stylishly cooled 
with a jet-black heat spreader."

11/28/04 DIY Water Cooling Kit @ DreamWare Computers

"When you make the switch to water cooling you're going to ask yourself this question: do I want to buy a kit from a company or build a (DIY) Do It Yourself kit? Not only to DIY kits give you the chance to hand pick each part you want, but later on new components can be added to the loop and parts can be upgraded easily."
Review Link

11/25/04 EverCool WC-301 Mini Universal AMD & Intel water cooled heatsink system @ A1

" So the beauty of this EverCool WC-301 Mini water cooled system is that it is a very neat, stylish and compact unit which does not take up any room as it is so small and yet is more than capable of having its cooling performance increased by the simple addition of radiators being fitted inside your computer case."
Review Link

11/24/04Danger Den 12V-D4 Pump Review @ DreamWare Computers

"The pump is a very important choice in buying watercooling parts. Make the wrong choice and you may be stuck with a poor performing, noisy and maybe leaky pump, trust me! If you make the right choice, the Danger Den DD12V-D4, then you will have a high performing and silent solution."
Review Link

11/24/04 Samsung DVD-L1200 Review @ DreamWare Computers

"With the introduction of the Palm Pilot, people had a small pocket organizer which acted much the same way a computer did. Then came the Pocket PC which improved upon Palms design, then with Apples iPOD you can now carry literally all the music you own in the palm of your hand. Welcome to the newest introduction into Smallsville, your home theater!"
Review Link

11/22/04 ThermalTake Hardcano 12 @

Thermaltake’s latest and greatest on the system monitoring front is the Hardcano 12. It combines the sleek look of a car stereo deck with the powerful control of a Digital Doc system to create a highly useful and undeniably attractive system monitoring unit...This product has been such a great seller lately that even resellers are on backorder as ThermalTake is unable to create them fast enough to meet the customer demand...

11/19/04 @

"Win new Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS 7.1 THX, all you have to do, is post in our competition thread, and say hello, "

Link to thread
Comp ends 25th December

11/16/04 A1 have just posted their latest review of the
XTrac mouse mats, Hammer, Ripper & Pro HS
which your readers might be interested in.

Review Link

 11/14/04 14 days left to register and have a chance to win Half Life 2 Collectors

Visit and check out
the front page comp. Visit the forums and say hi in the official thread, and
that’s all.

Or visit  http://www.tekbunke for the Thread

11/11/04 Speeze AtlanticWave @ our 1st Mods to this super water cooled heatsink system. We see how much more cooling performance we can get from this excellent universal AMD Athlon & Intel Pentium AtlanticWave water cooled heatsink system from Speeze AtlanticWave. 

Review Link

 11/7/04  Samsung Yepp YP-T5V MP3 Player @ DreamWare Computers

Quote: "Today we are looking at the Samsung Yepp YP-T5V MP3 player with FM Radio. This is possibly one of the smallest, lightest and most feature packed MP3 players on the market!"


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