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January News 2005

01/31/05 Mushkin DDR2 PC2-4200 (CL 3-2-2-8) Memory Video Review #528:

"This product is currently the fastest in its class due to the fantastic memory timing of 3-2-2-8. Reduced latencies on DDR2 are a very welcome improvement. The default speed of this memory is 533MHz DDR2 & will work in any compatible motherboard. If you are not overclocking & in the market for DDR2 memory, definitely check it out. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Review Link

01/31/05 VIA PT Series Chipsets Overview @ Viper Lair

"We think VIA has released some worthy chipsets for the Intel crowd, especially for those who have been somewhat sitting on the fence. Outside of the upgrade flexibility we've mentioned time and time again today, VIA has given us a choice when it comes to the LGA775 platform. In terms of features, we feel it stacks up well against Intel, but we feel that VIA may have a slight edge here."

Article Link

01/30/05 Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound Review @

"Having recently tossed my near-empty tube of AS3, I noticed several differences between the two. From a packaging perspective, one complaint I had with the previous container was that it would always "leak". That is, the compound would be at the very tip every time which eventually caused a few messes. The new packaging suffers no such fate. Also, AS5 is a lot thicker and harder to spread. Surprisingly, what seems like a few grains of sand is more than enough to cover an entire P4 core after a few minutes of spreading. I prefer to use an index card, but a finger through a plastic sandwich bag will also work."

Review Link

01/30/05 Exclusive First Look at the XG Vortec 600w Power Supply

@ Controlled-Insanity

Let’s jump in the waaay back machine for a minute. Power supplies have come a long way since the days of the Pentium 1 and 2, needing only a 250w PSU to deliver more then enough power to keep your system stable was pretty standard. Nowadays, gaming systems are blazing fast, and thus require a stronger, more reliable source of power. Enter our next product for review. Not only does it look amazing, but this 600w PSU from XG (Extreme Gamer), dubbed the Vortec, packs a big punch. Let’s go see if the Vortec delivers a knock out blow, or is just swinging at air.

Review Link

01/30/05 I-rocks X-Slim EL Keyboard @ XYZ Computing
"When I first heard about the X-Slim keyboard I knew exactly what it was, and I was very excited about it. The X-Slim, in my approximation, was designed to be an updated version of the Eluminx keyboard, with all the little issues worked out. I obtained a sample unit to test out and see how true my hypothesis was."
Review Link

01/30/05 ATake Dual Cathode Fan Grill @

“LED fans only go so bright, but when you want the best in fan and case lighting, turn to ATake's Dual Cathode Fan Grill. These circular cathodes aren't hidden in corners like normal 12" cathodes, but rather blasting the light right where it counts. Keeping the same pattern, ATake has provided this unit with UV wiring to add to the look.”

Review Link

01/29/05 Kingston 2 GB Data Traveler Elite Review @ Controlled-Insanity

I am a computer professional by trade and there are just some tools in a technicians toolbox that are indispensable, this is one of those tools. I have used the Data Traveler for just about everything, but my favorite use is to deploy system images. This thing can pump a 2GB system image out in a blistering 1:24, yes you read that right, one minute and twenty four seconds. This is fast considering a common CD-R took 4:57 for the exact same image. My boss is really happy too. Because now I can do 4 times the work!

Review Link

01/29/05 Bonzai Mods Custom Hand Sculpted Fan Grilles v3.0

@ Controlled-Insanity

Well what can I say? No matter how you word it, it’s clearly evident that Bonzai Mods has come through a winner in this our third review. Their unique design and amazingly detailed paint put these grilles in a league of their own. Nothing in today’s modding market even compares, and I don’t expect anything to come close for some time. Not as long as Bonz is on the job at least ;)

Review Link

01/29/05 Akasa Integral 3.5in External HDD Enclosure Review @ Mikhailtech

"Akasa went with a minimalist approach when designing their Integral series of enclosures. There are three parts to the entire case: the main aluminum shell, an acrylic front panel, and a sliding acrylic back panel. On each side is a clear plastic strip with indentations to refract light coming from rear-mounted LEDs, in effect creating a lighted strip. The rear has a USB2.0 connection, a power plug, and an on/off switch. There are also a few vent holes present. Notice that no fans are present. Many 3.5" cases use 40mm fans to cool down the drives inside them. I assume Akasa decided against any fans in order to allow for a quieter and much smaller enclosure; how this impacts heat output is something we'll see in our thermal test."

Review Link

01/29/05 Crucial Ballistix PC4000 Giveaway @ Steamed Turtle

01/29/05 Swiftech H20-120 REV. 3 Liquid Kit @ Viper Lair

"One of the main reasons we have water coolers is for the performance and quietness.  In this the Swiftech system delivers, at least compared the the stock Intel cooler.  With the included fan the H20-120 is fairly quiet, but when we put a Vantec Stealth fan in it basically didn't register on our sound meter.  Cooling performance was very good especially when overclocked, with the system being from 5-10°C cooler under load than the Intel cooler."
Review Link

01/29/05 FRONTX  Front Panel Computer Port System @ BRNR

"The PC accessory market is filled with products that often turn out to be either over-hyped, over-priced solutions looking for a problem—or poorly-designed junk. Fortunately, something that is useful, innovative, easy-to-use and reasonably priced comes along once in awhile that is truly outstanding and a worthy addition to a PC. The FRONTX Front Panel Computer Port System is such a product, and is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a quick and super-easy way to add their choice of I/O and multimedia ports to the front of their rig, while having the option of future expandability that no other product on the market can currently match . . ."

Review Link

01/29/05 Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe AMD Athlon 64 socket-939 motherboard review @ A1

" The Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard uses the latest high performance Nvidia nForce4 chipset supporting AMD Athlon 64 socket-939 processors and is a Asus top of the line AMD Athlon 64 939-socket motherboard. "

Review Link

01/29/05 ATI All-In-Wonder X600 Pro 256MB Video Card #527:


"The ATI All-In-Wonder X600 Pro 256MB Video Card does it all. You can play the latest games, watch TV and listen to the radio all on one Video Card. This is very impressive to say the least, but it's also capable of many audio/video in/out connections. These features make this an extremely versatile product and the perfect affordable card for a HTPC. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Review link

01/27/05 Scythe Arctic Silentium 2 [AC-ST2] Case w/350W PSU Video Review #526:


"This case has a quality Seasonic 350W PSU, great looks & unique features. Most cases have the PSU compartment located at the rear, but this product has it located at the front. With four 80mm fans, air circulation is good. Also, there are 2x5.25" (ext.), 2x3.5" (ext.), & 2x3.5" (int.) drive bays. One of the internal 3.5" drive bays is a unique HDD muffler. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Review Link

01/27/05 Titan Vanessa Heat Pipe CPU Cooler Review @ PCmoddingmy

"The retail price for this Titan Vanessa is 49USD, inexpensive for a heat pipe CPU cooler of this performance. From the previous page, we can see that the Titan Vanessa actually outperformed some of the more popular high-end heat pipe coolers out in the market today. Performance aside, the Titan Vanessa also has a nice package bundle, a great looking fan controller, universal mountings, silent operation, light in weight, easy installation etc. The Titan Vanessa is definitely a good air-cooled replacement for a water-cooled solution (which is much more expensive and complex). For those who are still deliberating on which solutions to choose from, look no further because the Titan Vanessa might just be the answer!"
Review Link

01/26/05 Swiftech H20-120 water cooler water block tests @ A1

" Today we put the Swiftech H20-120 h20 cooler heatsink system we reviewed earlier to the test with two other water blocks, the PolarFLO TT & SilverProp we have reviewed earlier and are designed for 1/2 inch pipe systems. "

Review Link

01/26/05 A4Tech Wireless Battery Free Mouse Review @ XYZ Computing

"What can I say about the A4 Tech Battery Free NB-30? I guess it would be wise to start with my first impressions, which, keep in mind, are my first impressions without ever plugging the mouse in. When a product comes packaged in a box like this, it’s hard not to take notice. The front of the box shows an exploding double-A battery, blowing through the Ocean Spray cranberry-juice wave. A4 Tech’s true contempt for the simple AA battery is most obvious on the back of the box. Without so much as a “do-not-try-this-at-home” warning, a hatchet is taken to the Ocean Spray battery’s life partner."

Review Link

01/26/05 mCubed T-Balancer Review @ PCmoddingmy

"The T-Balancer lives up to mCubed claims!! It does all it can and actually doing excellent in it. The engineers at mCubed have really made a unique fan controller that differentiates it from others. No more manual adjustments, no more annoying humming and one could rest in peace knowing that the intelligent T-Balancer is doing the thinking in assuring your computer's health. It seems to have a brain of itself....."
Review Link

01/24/05 Kingston 2x1GB DDR/DDR2 Memory Giveaway @ Mikhailtech

There’s still 1 week left to enter our January 2005 giveaway. Kingston is giving away a couple 1GB (2x512MB) HyperX DDR and DDR2 memory kits!

Contest Link

01/24/05 ASUS Star Ice Cooler @ Viper Lair

"Numbers when compared to a stock HSF are very good, although that can be pretty much said about any non-stock cooler. An 11°C drop in temperature under load compared to the stock HSF is nothing to be scoffed at however, and this was at the fans lowest speed."

Review Link

01/24/05 OCZ ModStream 520W Power Supply Video Review #525:

"The ModStream 520W Power Supply offers lots of power for any current computer system. It looks fantastic and is virtually silent with the quiet blue LED 120mm fan. While these are top notch features, it is the modular design which sets it apart. This unique design and the premium shielded UV EZmod cables ensure no more cable mess. This product also comes with a no quibble 3 year warranty. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Review Link

01/24/05 OCZ ModStream 520W Power Supply Review @ PCmoddingmy

"OCZ certainly has come a long way from being a small high-end memory manufacturer dedicated to enthusiasts. First they took the performance enthusiast market by storm with the Powerstream series and its adjustable rails, and now they are looking to impress the case modder market with the Modstream and its modular UV cables."
Review Link

01/24/05 nForce Professional Technology Overview @ Viper Lair
"Compared to what was previously offered for the professional market in
terms of the Opteron workstation and server side of things, the nForce
Professional is a vast improvement. While the performance is in question
until we see some professional level benchmark numbers, feature-wise
NVIDIA is putting a lot on the table."

Article Link

01/24/05 SW: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 Giveaway @

"My name is Mike Pengelly, I write reviews and post news for I've just opened a new site pretty much devoted to
gaming, As a way of kicking off the site I am running a
contest until Feb 8th, 2005 and I will be giving away a copy of Star
Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2."


01/24/05 Intel Centrino Sonoma Pentium-M mobile technology @ A1

" The first generation of the Centrino mobile brand is the 'Carmel' and this second generation goes by the name 'Sonoma'. The Sonoma processor the 'Dothan' Pentium-M will use the new Sonoma system mobile 915 chipset called 'Alviso' and is joined with the new Intel Pro/Wireless network."

Review Link

01/24/05 Half-Life 2 Review @ BRnR

"The G-Man’s piercing eyes and mocking smile fade into the recesses of your mind as you awaken on a train to—where? There are two other individuals with you, their faces drawn and weary, carrying tattered suitcases and dressed in blue denim uniforms that remind you of the ones worn by convicts in prison. If you were someone else and anywhere else, you might be just another working stiff on his way to the job."

Review Link

01/24/05 InnoDV MiniDrive-USB2! Review @ PCmoddingmy

"All in all, the MiniDrive-USB2! is definitely the smallest yet spacious mini drive out in the market. Best of all, it supports USB2.0 for high transfer speeds and weighs around 40g. The sexy leather case not only serves to protect the mini drive, but to give a elegant touch to the mini drive. If you need a massive storage on the go, the MiniDrive-USB! from InnoDV should definitely be in your pocket. Priced only at USD$116 / RM 450, this has got to be the cheapest, portable and smallest USB drive in the market!"

Review Link

01/22/05 Samsung 193P LCD Review @ DreamWare Computer

"Today we're looking at the Samsung 193P LCD monitor, which is a massive 19 inches of screen size! The 193P is aimed more at the office/bank setting, it's stylish looks blend well it an office setting and the fact that it has a slower response time than most monitors won't be a problem."

Review Link


01/22/05 Inno3D GeForce 6600GT PCI-E & AGP Review @ PCmoddingmy

"Both the Inno3D GeForce 6600GT PCI-e and AGP comes powered with four units of Samsung K4J55323QF-GC16 memory chips onboard totalling up to 128/256MB onboard. While the reference NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT PCI-e we reviewed previously, these Inno3Ds comes with 1.6ns memory chips instead of 2.0ns that we found on the reference model. Looks like we have plenty of headroom when overclocking these cards."
Review Link

01/21/05 Dell Inspiron 700M Notebook Review @ XYZ Computing

"The 700m has a look that’s a little bit different, a little more elegant, than most Dell. Gone are the dull blues and grays, and we are left with a case that resembles the slightly battered offspring of a Powerbook and an iBook. Considering the aesthetic beauty and simplicity of those two Apple machines, it’s a vast improvement for the Dell design team. When closed the primary metallic silver color is nice, with an “arctic white” accent around the edges."

Review Link

01/21/05 Enermax Venus Series Micro ATX Case w/270W PSU Video Review #524: @

"This is a Micro ATX case which comes with an Enermax 270W PSU. While 270 watts doesn't seem like much, it is more than adequate for most computer systems. The glossy "car-like" paint finish looks great in black but this case is also available in silver. One 80mm fans is included and another optional 80mm can be installed for better case air circulation. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Review Link

01/21/05 Scythe Kamakari & Atake Phantom Robot HDD Sink
@ Extensive Mods

"With the advances in computer technology and speed, comes great increases in the overall heat that a computer will generate. With most of todays enthusiasts looking to overclock their rig's as far as possible, there are more and more people looking in the high end heatsink marketplace for the best cooling solution for the ongoing problem of heat. Read the review to find out more!"

"The Atake Phantom Robot HDD sink doubles as both a 3.75 to 5.25” bay adapter, hard drive noise reducer / hard drive cooler. Made of a thick piece of aluminum with rubber mounting brackets, the hard drive cooler is also stylish. Though not as affective as i would have liked, it still lowers temperatures when the hard drive is moved from the direct airflow from the front intake."

01/21/05 SteelPad QcK+ Mouse Pad Review @ PCmoddingmy

"I prefer the Steelpad QcK+ because it’s more suited to my gaming style and because I have found a way to make the Steelpad fit on my table, therefore, I couldn’t find a reason preventing me from using it and I'm recommending it to everybody out there."
Review Link

01/20/05 ATI Radeon X600 XT @ Viper Lair

"When reviewing a product like the X600XT, it's important to keep in mind what the product's purpose is - in the case of the X600XT, it is to provide a budget/mid-range PCI-Express solution. In this respect, ATI has definitely succeeded - the X600XT is within the boundaries of mid-range cards, and performs well."
Review Link

01/20/05 Gigabyte Geforce 6200 Review @ PCmoddingmy

"The Gigabyte GeForce 6200 graphics card is an entry level graphics card which was not targeted for gamers. However, with some ingenious overclocking (a 250Mhz overclock on the core), you most definitely can play some system stressing games with decent frame rates. Besides that, it is also future proof thanks to its SM3.0 support and many other interesting features inherited from GeForce 6800 and 6600 series. The active cooler also helps to keep the card cool but thankfully, the GeForce 6200 naturally runs pretty cool when compared to its predecessor. If you plan to build a new NF4 or LGA775 setup with a PCI-e motherboard on a tight budget, the Gigabyte GeForce 6200 should definitely be in your check list!"
Review Link

01/20/05 AC Ryan Lan Ranger Ethernet Cable @ Comp-Reviews

"This stuff is simply amazing. Right out of the box I was astounded by the looks of the cabling. The cable is completely sheathed in a silver foil, which not only aids in the EMI shielding, but also looks great, something you definitely wont see often and will set your cabling apart from the rest."

Review Link

01/19/05 Seasonic S12 500W Power Supply Video Review #523: @

"The Seasonic S12 500W Power Supply offers ample power for any current computer system on the market. It has plenty of leads for most motherboards which add versatility and longevity. One of the plus points of this particular product is the true power it provides in virtual silence. The extremely quiet 120mm fan included makes it a product for anyone interested in building a silent computer system. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Review link

01/19/05 FSP AMD & Intel P4 Silent Solution Kit Review @ PCmoddingmy

"In most common setups, the Power Supply Unit (PSU) often produces much more noise than any other component installed. Paired with a noisy CPU cooler and a noisy case fan, your machine can create an incredible amount of noise. Studies have shown that noise produced by these hardwares can cause stress and loss of concertration. If you happen to face this problem, fret not as FSP Group is here to save the day with their Silent Solution Kit. Therefore in this review, we took a look at their AMD and Intel P4 Silent Solution Kit."
Review Link

 01/19/05 Soltek K8TPro-939 AMD socket 939 motherboard review

@ A1

"Soltek are well known for their great value motherboards and this K8TPro-939 is no exception. We would have liked to seen a fan assisted heatsink on the North Bridge chipset and small heatsinks on the voltage controllers but one cannot ask for everything from a great value-for-money AMD Athlon 64 939-socket motherboard."

Review link

01/19/05 Seagate USB 2.0 5GB Pocket Hard Drive Review @ Voodooreviews

"I for one am not going to use a USB drive if I am interested in speed. But this Seagate drive delivered a compact, sleek design, that performed its duties."

Review Link

01/19/05 Interview with Intel @ Viper Lair

"If the application is not threaded, it will not see benefits from Dual Core. However, if the OS is threaded and it's running two non-threaded applications, we'll see some improvements as compared to a single core design. Say you have a virus scanner running and you open a 20MB PowerPoint presentation, a dual core CPU will do so much more efficiently."

Editorial Link

01/18/05 Announcing Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2

You've no doubt seen Crucial's new Ballistix(TM) Tracer(TM) memory,  featuring two rows of activity-indicating LEDs and revolutionary ground- effects LEDs. Talk about some major "bling bling" for your rig!

Tracer memory is for hardcore gamers and modders - those who demand top performing, stable memory, but who also appreciate the aesthetic value of their hardware. To better meet the needs of this crowd, we’ve expanded the Tracer memory line to include 1GB DDR and DDR2

modules for enthusiasts sporting the newest technology.

The Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory line now includes the following modules in densities of both 512MB and 1GB. Let the fraggin' begin!

- Crucial(R) Ballistix(TM) Tracer(TM) PC4000 (DDR 500)

- Crucial(R) Ballistix(TM) Tracer(TM) PC2-5300 (DDR2 667)


Check out our online video and see what the excitement is all about!

Visit for an interactive demo, Flash and

Windows Media video, product images, and complete specs.

01/18/05 RAIDers of the Lost Benchmark" @ XYZ Computing

"When the drive started taking longer and longer to access, and kept repeating the same spin-up-spin-down process, I realized it was sounding similar to other, more severe crashes I’ve experienced in the past. I realized I had limited time, and any kind of utilization of the drive would accelerate its demise. I had to make this count. I copied the data to another drive, a process that took up an entire day and required multiple reboots in order to run CHKDSK and restore the MFT of the external drive, which kept becoming corrupted in the process of copying the data. This is guerilla computing, folks."

Review Link

01/18/05 Enermax Midi Tower Series Case CS-527 Series @ XtremeComputing

“It’s time to install some equipment inside plus check out some of the features. We will start buy taking a look at the hidden bay mechanism which is unique to Enermax and quite appealing.

Review Link

01/18/05 Vantec EZ Swap 2 (Serial ATA & IDE) Video Review #522


"The Vantec EZ Swap 2 Serial ATA & IDE Hard Drive racks are fairly plain looking since they do not have an LED at the front. This does, however, keep the cost down. Installation of a 3.5" HDD is simple, & overall the units are great. Please note: there are a few small issues with positioning of the plastic popup gate. It may easily be cracked off. While this gate is not vital to the operation of the units, it's poorly designed. Watch the Video to find out more..."

01/18/05 Corsair XMS2 DDR2 PC5400 memory @ OC Wizard 

"Computer technology continues it’s steady march into the future. Random Access Memory (RAM) has not been spared from these advancements, and today we will be looking at one of Corsair's offerings in its "performance" line up, the XMS2 DDR2 675Mhz RAM module."

Review Link

01/17/05 PolarFLO TT water blocks Universal AMD Athlon & Intel Pentium

@ A1

" We can see that these PolarFLO TT water blocks come in a choice of colours from plain Chrome to Red, Blue and Black making them very smart, stylish and modern looking to enhance any computer. "

Review Link

01/16/05 ATI Radeon X800 Pro @ Viper Lair

"The X800 Pro is definitely no slouch. Smooth performance in most games with the image quality turned up and the resolution maxed is something to be proud of. Based on our results, we have no problems recommending this card to our readers. While some benchmarks have shown the 6800 GT to be faster, the actual gaming experiences with the X800 Pro were positive."

Review Link

01/16/05 Buying Guide for 2005 @

"Is your computer running slow? Still using that old K6 processor running at a blazing 133 mhz? Think it's about time for an upgrade? Well we have you covered! A 7 part guide on High End, Middle Level and Budget systems for both AMD and Intel processor systems. Also includes a full comprehensive guide to peripherals! Take a look now!"

Review Link

01/15/05 WebProNews

Dear WebProNews Reader,

Lots of items in the news this week. Tuesday, Apple turned a few heads when they released details on a couple of new products. The announcement of the Man Mini and the iPod shuffle generated so much buzz the resulting traffic gave the Apple Store web site a real run for it's money.

Of course there have been some security issues brought to light as well. Microsoft released 3 security patches, (two of them critical) so Windows users need to be hitting the update button. Google was quick to patch a security flaw of their own. Evidently, there was an exploitable hole in Gmail that allowed unauthorized access your account...

Enjoy the issue.

Chris Richardson

Staff Writer, WebProNews


Google May Be The Favored Tool Of Hackers In 2005

ZDNet predicts that Google will be increasingly used by hackers, looking to find their way into your computer.

One expert suggests...

"Using robots.txt and other techniques to prevent indexing is a best practice for non-public systems and the various components supporting public systems. Treat all Internet-facing devices -- even apparently obscure ones such as network cameras -- as relevant to security,"

What all us SEOs know is that a "robots.txt" file is the first place to look when trying to discover exactly what a web site owner wants hidden. What's to stop a worm from scouring for robots.txt information?

01/15/05 How To: Laptop Memory (2GB) and Hard Drive (7,200RPM)

Laptop Memory (2GB) and Hard Drive (7,200RPM) Upgrade Video Review #521:
"This upgrade is all about getting more performance out of your existing laptop. Going from a 4,200 rpm to a 7,200 rpm HDD will result in a tremendous increase in disk access. Windows will load faster, and programs will open quicker. Also, upgrading from 512MB of memory to 2GBs will greatly help when using memory hungry programs. Watch the Video to find out more..."

01/14/05 Scythe Co., Ltd New Product Release

- Scythe SCKBK-2000 Kamaboko Z Heatpipe CPU Cooler -
While the CPU heat generated from the latest processor is getting much
larger and larger, so does the CPU cooler price is going upward.  With
the latest Heatpipe CPU Cooler "SCKBK-2000 Kamaboko Z" from Scythe
company, users can enjoy the GREAT performance & SILENCE for a
affordable price!  A must features for Do-It-Yourself PC users (easy
installation, good performance, low noise and affordable price) are all
featured in Scythe SCKBK-2000 Kamaboko Z, you can't go wrong with your
cooler choice!
============ Features of SCKBK-2000 Kamaboko Z CPU Cooler ============
1. Easy Installation!
2. Universal Socket Compatibility! (socket 478/754/939/940/LGA775)
3. 3-in-1 CPU Cooler! Aluminum Heatsink + Copper Wave Stacked Fins & HP
(*HP stands for Heatpipe)
4. Ultra Silent Mode! (14dBA at 1000rpm)
5. Fan Speed Adjustable! (1000rpm - 3800rpm)
For further information regarding the product, please visit: (English) (Deutsch)

01/14/05 Corsair TWINX1024-3200XL v1.2 @ Viper Lair

"The benchmarks really didn't give us any surprises as higher frequencies equals better performance. The focus of the review today was simply the overclocking, and the new TWINX1024-3200XL v1.2 brought it in spades. The new PCB was the deciding factor here as we've reached overclocks that were unattainable with Corsair's earlier XL kit."

Review Link

01/14/05 Vantec EZ Swap 2 Review @ PCmoddingmy

"This Vantec EZ Swap 2 has a better cooling solution than the EZ Swap. Although this Vantec EZ Swap 2 does not come in fancy designs e.g. LCD display, temperature probes but it has its own advantages because it is simple and cheaper. (around 7.00 USD cheaper than EZ Swap.) Vantec’s EZ Swap 2 definitely is one of the better choices amongst the plethora of removable HDD racks out in the market right now in terms of both price and performance."

Review Link

01/13/05 Crucial PC3200 DDR400 CT12864Z40B @ A1


" Not all of us want to buy the best most expensive high-performance DDR memory for the ultimate overclocking so we bought a basic PC3200 DDR400 1GB memory kit from Crucial, their CT12864Z40B. This comes as just one stick. "

Review Link

01/13/05 Gigabyte X800 Pro Review @ PCmoddingmy

"The default core speed for the Gigabyte Radeon X800Pro is 475MHz which is the core speed for an original Radeon X800Pro. It only has 12 pixel pipelines while X800XT and X800Pro have 16 pipelines. All of them have 160 million transistors and 0.13 Micron process technology was used and it is ascertained from Radeon 9800Pro/XT which has 0.15 Micron process technology. However, the Radeon X800Pro does not support Pixel Shader 3.0 because its architecture is quite similar with the R300 core."
Review Link

01/12/05 ATI All-In-Wonder X600 Pro @ Viper Lair

"Overall, if you're not much of a gamer and you're looking for more than just a "video card" without breaking the bank, the AIW X600 Pro is a good choice for you. If you are a more serious gamer who is also interested in multimedia, you may want to wait for ATI's AIW X800 XT flagship to arrive."

Review Link

01/12/05 Swiftech H20-120 water cooled heatsink kit @ A1


" So for cooling performance we are proud to award this Swiftech H20-120 water cooled universal AMD & Intel heatsink our Editors top choice but less for design and style."

Review Link

01/10/05 Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2 @

" This cooler has a hybrid heatsink utilizing two different metals, copper and aluminum. The core itself where the die comes in direct contact with the heatsink is copper and is approximately 44 x 44 x 5 mm in size. The rest of the heatsink is aluminum to aid in heat transfer into the air."

Review Link

01/10/05  Mushkin PC2-5300 DDR2 @ Viper Lair

"However, having the number of different speeds of DDR 2 coming from as many of the memory manufacturers as they are, DDR 2 should be quite refined by the time most people migrate to it. During my testing, I noticed absolutely no problems with this memory. I am quite impressed with the results that I was able to achieve when overclocking the memory as well. "

Review Link

01/10/05 EZ Power Supply Tester Reviewed (Beneath the skin style) @ MetkuMods

"So, if your PSU is fine, this tester will indicate just that. If the supply if broken in one way or another, EZ Power Supply Tester will give you very little information on what is wrong. In the worst case, the tester itself can get damaged in the process. In my opinion the low price doesn't justify the low usability of this product."
Review Link

01/09/05 140mm Silent Cooling Fan Switching Power Supply ReviewVoodooreviews

"This is a very good choice for a power supply. With its large 140mm fan, it delivered the cooling power we required."

Review link

01/08/05 Thermalright LGA775RM Review @ PCmoddingmy

"If you are upgrading to the LGA775 package from your previous 478 package and you happen to own a great CPU cooler such as the Thermalright XP-120 or XP-90, don’t sell it off yet. Yes, this is good news for almost everyone. Thanks to the Thermalright LGA775RM, now you can install your favourite s478 CPU cooler or heatsink directly on your socket LGA775."

Review link

01/08/05 CoolerMaster 'Wavemaster' TAC-T01 Chassis @

"After upgrading my video card recently, I quickly noticed that the internal ambient temperatures inside my boring, old, generic case were rising rapidly. So, it was time to consider purchasing a new chassis. After two days of contemplation, the CoolerMaster Wavemaster was selected to become my new PC enclosure. Lets take a closer look at it."

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01/07/05 Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 4 Review @ PCmoddingmy

"Here comes the ATI Silencer 4 from Arctic Cooling. Their latest iteration of the cooler, version 4 is specifically designed for the ATI X800 series. It is a really large cooler with an equally large fan. Large fans generally are good, as they can push a large amount of air even with slow rotational speeds, thus the silencer gimmick of this cooler. Not only that, the cooler definitely looks cool and also it has a very appealing high-end façade attached to it."

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01/06/05 Soltek EQ3901-300P SFF PC @ Viper Lair

"In the end, what we're really concerned about are the features, performance and stability. Feature-wise, the Soltek EQ3901-300P SFF has it all. Sure, PCI Express would have been nice, but that is a limitation of the chipset used rather than the barebone design and can easily be added once VIA releases their new chipset for mass adoption."

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01/06/05 Mushkin 1GB PC2-5300 DDR667 Review @ PCmoddingmy

"Priced at just $274 a pair, these modules are certainly worthy. If only our test motherboard did not maxout at 253FSB, we would probably see this kit running beyond DDR674! If you’re looking for high performance yet reasonably priced DDR2 memory kits, you should probably check out the Mushkin 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2."

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01/05/05 Led down the garden path? editorial @

"I have always been full of things to say about big companies. Not all bad. I don’t hate a big company, because it is big, or good. Or even if it has the only market share. I am very in favour of a good thing being supplied to all people, for at least a profit, but a reasonable profit. There is a big gap between the amount companies earn, and what they pay, their employee’s. Anyway, this is besides the point I will make, but a small part of the psychology, of what I believe to be a root cause of the issues in hand."

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01/05/05 ZoneAlarm web security software @ A1

" We take this opportunity to review ZoneAlarm web internet security software. A excellent piece of software at a small price to secure your computer against intrusion from hackers and more."

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01/05/05 HighSpeed PC Tech Station @ Viper Lair

"The Techie in me rejoices, a case that I can quickly build a system in and test its function, rip it down as quickly and start all over again. HighSpeed PC has hit the mark with the Tech Station. Not only does it fit the bill, you can rest assure your components are cool and protected from static shock the short period of time it will reside there."

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01/04/05 Asour VPC-1000B Multimedia DVD Optical Drive Review

@ PCmoddingmy

"The Asour VPC-1000B is a exotic thus unique product that you might want to have in your rig. So far I've only known of such similar product in the market, which is from another manufacturer and it is OEM from Asour. The VPC-1000B is much nicer because it gives a cooler interface with its vacuum fluorescent display."

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01/04/05 ATake 4-pin Y-splitter @

“For those who have run out of molex connectors for their extra optical drive, or have more fans than they do connectors, ATake has a solution, their 4-pin Y-splitter saves the day. Designed for the modder in mind, this unit comes complete with UV reactive material and is lit up by 2 blue LEDs and puts a complimentary look to your PC.”

Review Link

01/03/05 Vantec EZ-Swap 3.5" SATA hard drive mobile enclosure

 @ A1

" So for those of you looking for a mobile carrier for your SATA drive this Vantec EZ-Swap to our mind certainly fits the bill for ease of installation and use while looking great. It works for us. "

Review Link

01/02/05 VL's Editor's Choices of 2004 @ Viper Lair

Another year has gone by, and we gather up our list of who rocked, and who sucked.

"Some things caught our attention, and other things not so much. In the end, we saw some interesting technology, and put together a list of what we felt is truly deserving of recognition, and one company guilty of dipping its hands into the well once too often."

Article Link Must See!!!!

01/02/05 CaseBuy EZ Power Supply Tester Review @ PCmoddingmy

"Troubleshooting a PC quickly and correctly is an art mastered only by a select group of enthusiasts. However, more often than not, troubleshooting tools are occasionally needed to complement this “acquired” knowledge to find out the root of the problem. Hence, today I am going to introduce a power supply tester from CaseBuy – the EZ power supply tester. The main highlight of the EZ power supply tester is its ability to check if the power supply is faulty or in working condition easily and without fuss. Please read on to find out more about this product."
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01/01/05 ATake HDD Sink Review @ DreamWare Computers

     "With manufacturers constantly making bigger and bigger hard drives most people don't think about the side effects. Heat is a hard drives worst enemy and if not taken care of it can lead to a shortened lifespan of the hard drive. ATake has come up with a way to battle the heat and take care of the noise as well. This is the ATake HDD Sink, read on!"
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