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Marns CDA

  With the changing technology Marns has decided to take on more services. Our new focus will include the Gaming and PC Modding community. Marns is still here to provide all of our original services as well as our new testing and review section. The new services include PC part reviews, Mod guides, Articles, and benchmarking. We have also added a message board to allow our community to discus games, products, and show some of their work. In the near future. We will also have many contests and give away for our message board community. 

                                Specializing in:

  • PC Modifications (Mods)

  • Testing/Benchmarking of Retail consumer PC based Products

  • Network Connectivity

  • Custom-built PC's/Servers

  • System Back-Up

  • Hardware/Software Installation

  • Printing Solutions 

  • Web Page Design, Implementation, and Maintenance   

Marns CDA serves customers located in the Rochester, NY area only.


Detailed Listing of Test PC's & Equipment


What is Marns CDA?


  Marns CDA is a group of Customer Satisfaction and Service professionals experienced in the IT field. We do every kind of Hardware and Software testing as well as network and Hardware troubleshooting. With recent changes to our site, our main focus has become to provide an unbiased location for PC modders and gamers to find out and explore information on the consumer products related to this realm. We are trying to build up our message board community to find out more about what these community's needs are: Ranging from Video cards to custom mods and related hardware, and even headphones for the LAN party enthusiasts.

  To provide you with a little information about our staff, most of us are or have been around the IT field for years, with positions ranging from Senior Network Analysts, Application Engineers, Software Test Leads and even Test Technicians. The majority of our experience has been specifically in testing, so we are familiar with the do's and don'ts in the testing world. We feel it is important that your data is consistent and your procedures are flawless in order to ensure our results are not skewed or inaccurate.

  In short, we are trying to take the risk out of the consumer's hands by educating them so they can purchase, build, or use the equipment they really need and want. Think of us as an information resource for the PC Modding and Gaming community. We are eager to hear from these related communities with any questions or information to share, creating a better modding and gaming experience for us all.

Feel free to contact us with anything that comes to mind.


Phone: (585)334-9499 ask for Paul


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Why is Marns CDA different from the rest?


  With the large number of review sites out there, it is important for us to explain exactly what sets us aside from many of these websites.  Marns CDA has a different goal in mind with our reviews, we base most of our information on concrete testing and benchmarking data.  Our entire staff is focused on keeping a sterile testing environment along with concrete numbers to back up our conclusions.  Most of the sites can not make that claim. We publish most of the data collected on our benchmarking page. If we deem it important enough, we will include this information in our reviews as well.  Our staff all have some sort of testing experience in the real world and accumulatively we have over 15 years of experience in testing Consumer electronics and software.  Each product is first scrutinized and our methodology of testing varies depending on the product.  In short, Marns CDA not only gives opinions on products, but we show why, making our conclusions more credible then your average review site..

   As always, if you ever would like more information on how we tested a certain product or you would like more information in regards to our results, please feel free to contact us. We are more then happy to keep our community informed.



Phone: (585)334-9499 ask for Paul







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