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   When it comes to PC accessories for PC gamers who primarily play first person shooters, there really isn't a whole lot of ingenuity. You have keyboards, mice, headphones, and things meant to add to one of the previous three. I have used quite a few different mice, in an attempt to find one that fit my hand well, and performed extremely well. I eventually settled on a Logitech MX510, as do most gamers. However, Monster Gecko provided us a new mouse, based on the idea that shooters should be played with a gun!


The Ultimate Game Mouse Designed Specifically For 3D First-Person Shooters

The PistolMouse FPS gaming mouse features high resolution optical tracking, ergonomic pistol 
grip styling, and optimized ambidextrous control placement. Every detail has been designed 
for a more immersive experience for FPS games. All controls can be covered by separate 
fingers for improved reaction time combined with an 800dpi optical sensor for precision. 

Have some fun! Try a PistolMouse FPS risk-free for 30 days! 

System Requirements
For a Microsoft Windows-based PC
To use the PistolMouse FPS, You need:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and one free USB port.
For a Macintosh
To use the PistolMouse FPS, you need:
MacOS 10.0-10.3.3 and one free USB port.

For Linux
HID-compatible mouse driver and one free USB port.



New List Price $39.95 Original List Price $69.95 Purchase Link


   Installation could not have been easier. You have a USB port. You plug in the mouse. XP recognizes it and you’re good to go. No drivers to load, no updates to download, nothing! It just works! I wish more hardware would be this easy to install. I love it when there aren’t bloated drivers to install.


Playing & Configuration tips from MonsterGecko

As with most optical mice, the PistolMouse FPS will work best on matte surfaces, and will work equally well on both cloth and plastic surfaced mouse pads as well as most desk surfaces.

The PistolMouse FPS is purpose built for FPS games but we have a few tips for getting familiar with it: 

-          You will NEED to adjust your sensitivity down in most games since the 800 dpi resolution combined with the offset sensor design makes it extremely sensitive.  This is by design and makes quick 180 degree turns very easy once a player adjusts to response rate.

-          Operation of the grip-switch (button 2) is designed to work by “squeezing” the grip.  While you can use your finger to press “up”, squeezing is much more comfortable and allows for holding the button down for a longer period of time in certain games.

-          Left/right movement can be done by sliding left/right, but twisting your wrist left/right works even better.  This is possible due to the forward placement of the optical sensor.

-          If you have smaller hands, the grips are designed to be removable.  Simply peel them away from the plastic body.  To reattach firmly, be sure the seat the middle “pin” all the way in.


   I used this mouse to play Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and Unreal Tournament 2004. The trigger was very responsive, and every time I intended to shoot, I did. The mouse didn’t feel unnatural in my hand, and it moved very well on my mouse pad. The only adjustment I needed to make was to increase my mouse sensitivity, so that it felt closer to what I was used to with just a normal mouse. It did take a little while to adjust to the mouse, as it does with any new mouse, but once I got the hang of how it felt, it was just as good as using my MX510.


Quality & Appearance:


   The packaging that the Pistol mouse comes in is very sleek, and makes the Pistol mouse look like a top-notch product. The Pistol mouse comes in black, accented in maroon. Upon unpacking the mouse, it doesn’t seem terribly heavy, and fits in my hand nicely. A very nice feature of the Pistol mouse is that either right or left-handed people can use it equally. It was very smart of Monster Gecko to design this mouse like that, because there is a lack of left-handed mice on the market. The only thing that struck me about the design, was that the secondary fire (or right mouse button) was underneath the trigger. If a gamer needed to hold that button for sniping purposes, or to run or jump, it might be considered to be in an awkward spot. For the testing I did, it was not a problem, however.



Installation could not have been easier.

No drivers to load, no updates to download.

Right and left-handed people can use it equally.

Very accurate and responsive.

Packaging is phenomenal.


Right Mouse Button is underneath the trigger, could cause problems in some games.

No extra mouse buttons like in other mice in this price range.

Handgun shape is not appropriate for children. (Item is rated Mature however so this is more an observation then a con)


   Overall, I give the Pistol mouse 5 stars out of 6. It’s simple to install, use, and is a good all around mouse for first person shooter gamers. It does, however, have a steeper learning curve than a normal mouse, and because it is in the shape of a handgun, is not appropriate for younger gamers. For the group that it’s aimed, it is a solid mouse, and I would recommend trying it out for someone looking to either get an edge on their opponent or the avid FPS gamming enthusiast.

Rating: 5 out of 6 Stars

Review Date: 01/05/04

Reviewer: Zynon (Ludic)



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