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PocketMouse™ Convertible Mini Wireless





   Kensington, a division of Acco Brands, has provided us with their PocketMouse Convertible Mini Wireless. The main feature of this product is its ability to convert from a Travel Mouse to a Desktop Mouse, by the use of a removable outer “case.” Kensington is a manufacturer of various products such as keyboards, mice, trackballs, portable Notebook accessories, Desktop accessories, Mac accessories, iPod accessories, Computer Security and Computer carrying cases for transport. Some of their endorsements are through the Office Ergonomic Research Committee and the American Chiropractic Association.  The product is backed by a Kensington Promise, 1-year warranty. For further information on the warranty, use this link:

   Kensington is committed to providing quality, innovative technologies and ergonomically engineered products in the peripheral field of today’s PC hardware.

   Quoted from their web site, under company info. “Kensington was founded in 1981 with the invention of the System Saver, a combined cooling fan and surge protector that became the number-one-selling peripheral for the Apple II. Now, more than 300 computer accessory products comprise the Kensington inventory.”

   For further information on the Kensington Technology Group, you can visit their web site at: .

   For further information on Acco Brands, visit: .


  • The versatility of a ultra-compact mouse with the comfort of a full-size mouse
  • Wireless QuickRF™ technology eliminates cord tangles and hassles
  • DiamondEye™ optical technology tracks smoothly on virtually any surface
  • Soft AirForm shell easily clips onto mouse for palm-cradling comfort
  • Two programmable buttons streamline tasks with single-click convenience
  • Innovative scroll wheel speeds through long documents or web pages

Price: $44.99 USD Purchase Link




   The installation of this product is similar to any wireless mouse installations. First you want to place the 2 AAA batteries, provided with your purchase, into the PocketMouse.  This is done by pushing and sliding the lower top-case segment of the mouse out. There is a guide located on the segment illustrating with arrows on the direction to slide this off. Simply place your batteries in the correct positions, and slide and click your case segment back on and in place.

   Second, you want to plug in your Receiver. This product comes with a USB plug-in Receiver, and USB plug-in extension cord. You can simply plug-in your receiver by itself into a USB port, which works well for use with your Notebook (laptop). Or, you can plug in your extension cord into your USB port, connect the receiver to the other end, and position it on top of your desk/area, to provide a closer range for your PocketMouse. I am currently using my PC, so the extension cord comes in quite handy.

   Third, you want to establish your frequency connection between the Receiver and your PocketMouse. Push the connect button (black button on the end of the receiver) and then push the connect button located on the bottom of your mouse. You can see the locations of these buttons in the illustrations below:


***When you plug in the Receiver to your USB port, your platform should recognize the new hardware***


   You will see the green light on the Receiver flash a couple of times, then go solid once a good frequency connection has been made.


After this, your PocketMouse is ready to use and enjoy!


   Another optional feature you can add along with your PocketMouse is the MouseWorks Software, offered through Kensington. This software provides a platform to play with and change the standard features of your mouse! You are provided with a selection of Pointer schemes, Pointer and Scroll Bar movement rates, Click speeds, click button settings/commands, and more! This software is definitely a plus in conjunction with use of your PocketMouse. Once downloaded, you will see a little “mouse” icon on your lower taskbar of your display. Just click on it, and it will open the software’s platform for you. I found this very easy to use and to comprehend.


   For more information on the MouseWorks Software and Download instructions, visit: and go to the Support drop-down menu, then select “Software.”


   It will list some download links for the MouseWorks Software which correlate to your current PC platform, such as Windows 2000 and XP, etc.


   So, install your AAA batteries into the mouse, plug in your Receiver, establish connection, download the MouseWorks Software (optional) and you are ready to enjoy this great product!





   The overall appearance of this product is a sleek, modern mouse design. The actual mouse itself is a small, compact design. It features the scroll wheel, low battery indicator light and a tiny, silver, clickable command button all in a vertical row, outlined by a metallic toned, navy blue stripe down the center. The outer top “shell” is a metallic silver color and the sides of the “shell” are the metallic navy blue toned color. Very neat and pleasing to look at!



   The removable case, which transforms the PocketMouse into a full sized, desktop use mouse, has an outline of the metallic silver color, with the outer part surrounded by a metallic, navy blue soft foam shell. This foam material, called AirForm, is very comfortable on the hands. Not only is the appearance modern, this product is also designed for comfort as well.



   The receiver is a metallic, navy blue color, as well as the extension for it. Very sharp!


   For further detailed information on this product’s specs, you can link to the sales sheet via the following link:


   You can see the appearance of the two components, the mouse and the removable AirForm shell, in the pictures below:




   The product comes in a durable plastic packaging, with each component held in it’s place. This ensures nothing happens to your new product from store to home, and displays the components nicely






   The performance was excellent. From the moment I established connection and the mouse became functional, all of the features performed well. I even used this product while playing an online game, where you have to use the click buttons frequently, and I had no issues, creating an improved gaming mobility. What really went hand in hand with this product’s performance is the interaction with the MouseWorks Software. I was able to adjust my pointer movement rate to a quicker pace, and any other click button commands I selected worked right away with the product. It just proved how this mouse performs, with manual use and with the software. Kensington also provides a nice, pocket pouch to carry your PocketMouse in. This is perfect for when you want to take off the removable shell, and bring it along with you for use with your Notebook, as well as protect the product from any scratches, etc.


   Additional features to this product are Kensington’s wireless Quick RF and DiamondEye optical technologies. These features create top performance, no wires to deal with, as well as the quality of the laser with smooth and accurate movement on any type of surface. This is a plus for any high-precision movements needed.


   Whether hooked up to a PC or to a Notebook, this product performs outstandingly!






   The overall quality of this product is top notch. The moment I began usage of this product, I had no problems or technical difficulties. The instructions were easy to follow, and the receiver frequencies worked well, with no interruptions in the connection. The mouse’s overall construction is well-made and designed. You can feel in the click buttons a decent resistance, which indicates they can handle a lot of use. You can even feel stability in the scroll wheel. You can just feel and tell by using this product that it is well-engineered and made to last, as well as providing good performance.  You will know you have purchased a quality product.





The capability of this product to be a two-in-one product, creating usage from your PC to your Notebook. This can be a money saver, as you can purchase one product that performs two functions, instead of having to purchase two separate products.

The outer removable shell is a plus in comfort.

The design is modern and sleek, adding style to your Notebook or PC.

The overall quality and performance is exceptional.

The price is decent for the product.


I can’t really think of anything on the downside for this product, other then the possibility of offering more case colors to choose from. Besides the use of a Notebook, customers will have varying styles and color schemes for their PC hardware and desktop.


   What a great and innovative product! Kensington provided a wonderful, versatile product to today’s peripheral market!  The technology and design of the PocketMouse Convertible Mini Wireless are exceptional. Not only this product is versatile, changing from  a Notebook mouse to a PC Desktop mouse, it is fun to use! The style is sleek and modern, but more important, you get the looks and the quality at the same time! The idea to have a mouse that has the capability of dual-usage was quite innovative on Kensington’s side. 

Rating: 6 out of 6 Stars  Perfect Score!!!

Reviewer: Michele (migga)

Review Date: 02/07/05



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  • Corporate Headquarters
    Kensington Technology Group
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    Second Floor
    San Mateo, California 94403-1289
    650-572-2700 phone
    800-535-4242 technical support line
    650-572-9675 fax
    Map & Directions
  • Canadian Office
    ACCO Brands Inc.
    5 Precidio Court
    Brampton, Ontario
    L6S 6B7
    800-268-3447 phone
    800-263-1063 fax
  • Burnaby Office
    Research & Development Center
    3750 North Fraser Way, Unit 101
    Burnaby, British Columbia
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