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SP779B3 KestrelKing IV™




   Spire manufactures a large number of cooling products with a wide range of applications. The "KestrelKing IV™" is an AMD 64bit CPU cooler with a copper base and aluminum fins. This low profile cooler is designed for a multitude of applications from a full size tower to a mini PC satellite station. The compact design is very important with some people making efficient, small PCs to run more stable. Let's take a look and see if size really does matter in the case of this CPU cooler, you might be surprised by the results...



Socket 754 / 940 / 939 Cooling kit
Heat sink :        107×80×60 mm (l × w × h)
12VDC Fan : 70×70×15 mm
Bearing Two Ball bearing
Rated speed 3050 ~ 6000 RPM +/-10%
Rated power 0.84 ~ 4.2 W
Noise level 21.0 ~ 40.0 dBA
Air flow 21.3CFM at 3050RPM
41.9CFM at 6000RPM
Current 0.07 ~ 0.35 A
Life hours Two Ball: 70.000
Features Easy install and remove system, Copper base, Stamped fin technology, Temperature control & Auto restart
Connector 3 Pin, mainboard
AMD :   Athlon 64 ~ 4000+ (K8)
  Athlon 64 FX-51 (K8)
  Athlon 64 FX-53 (K8)
  Opteron ~ 850 (K8)
  Sempron ~ 3100+ (K8)
Thermal resistance 0.29 ~ 0.33 °C/W
Thermal type Stars-420 white grease (Injection tube)

Product Page

Price: Suggested Retail Price 24.99USD  17.99 @ Purchase Link

Even at the suggested retail price this product is a good buy considering the stability we saw in the test results..


The install on Spire's "SP779B3 KestrelKing IV™" is very similar to the stock cooler using a pressure bar leaver to hold the sink in place. You can keep your existing mount or use their mounts provided but to be honest, it will save a lot of time to just use the stock mounting brackets. There isn't a whole lot to talk about when dealing with the installation, but note that this cooler does come with a thermal compound very comparable to the high end lines advertised on most retailer sites. There will be no need to break out the custom grease. Once the unit is securely fastened to the motherboard all that's left is the 3-pin motherboard power connector and away you go. This install is very easy, even a novice should have no problems as long as you have existing mounts to connect the cooler to. If not, then it might be required to remove the motherboard and fasten the mounting bracket from the underside of the motherboard.  Please note Spire provides a mount that has an adhesive on it to prevent movement when removing the top mounts in case you need to remove the top mount and do not want the worry about removing the motherboard from the case itself.  Overall, this install gets a big thumbs up for an extremely easy process.


   The "SP779B3 KestrelKing IV™" is not what I would call a modder's delight due to the very simple design and the "no frills" added,  but it does look nice. Also, if you really don't like the stock, black low profile fan, I am sure there are a few 70mm fans in the market with the color you'd like to replace this with for a minimal price.

The sink itself is a simple, nice design using a copper core with thick aluminum vertical fins to dissipate the heat rather quickly.  Around the outside of the sink is a frame to hold the 70mm fan in place. Please note the overall height of this cooler, it is very low making it easily installed in almost every case including the new Satellite mini PC's.  Spire could have added a little extra flair with UV reactive fan or LED's but if you are not using a case window or able to purchase an aftermarket fan to fit your design, then this cooler might just do the job.


  I must admit I was very impressed with the performance of this product. With less then 1/2 the surface area used compared to the AC Freezer64, the overall temp scores were just over the 64's high and low. What we did in this test which is very similar to the others is start a base Idle temp and run a load scenario of 100% CPU usage for a minimum of 5 minutes to see how hot the case and CPU temp got. Please note we are using the onboard monitor to retrieve the data and every PC will react differently due to environment variables and CPU fluctuations. We do use the same PC and CPU on all tests to try and eliminate other variables and keep our data consistent..

Illustration 1.1 Spire SP779B3 Idle temp 0% CPU usage

Illustration 1.1 Spire SP779B3 Load temp 100% CPU usage

   After running the load test 3 times, it was very clear that this cooler performs good, though the starting temp was a bit high, the load temperature only increased two degrees Celsius and to me that is a major selling point. If a cooler has the ability to hold a temp. even under stress conditions then it must be doing something right.

   Also note that the fan stays at a pretty much constant rate of around 3300 RPM's.  It did bobble a little bit but not enough to be alarmed about.  Also note that it was being controlled via the onboard temp sensor and the fan is rated to up to 6000 RPM's so this cooler had a long way to go before stressing the CPU or Fan. Overall, this sink performs very well and will keep your CPU at a nice consistent temperature. Another thing I noticed was that it was pretty quiet,  the slim fan had no vibration and didn't overtake the room with noise.  I couldn't even really hear it when the case was shut.

If you have any questions about the test or results please feel free to contact me via e-mail HERE.



   Spire does a fine job with the construction and packaging of the SP779B3.  Everything that is needed is included,  even an adhesive backed mounting bracket for easy installation. Also note that this product is ISO 9001 Certified, meaning that it meets the exceeded standards set up by the "International Organization of Standard". This certification is not easy to obtain and means that extensive testing went into the production and development of this product to ensure that it will perform as specified to protect the consumer from defective or inferior products.


Very stable temperature.

Low profile for easy install.

Adhesive back mount makes for better mounting

Price is very reasonable.

Low noise output.

Installation was very easy.


Could be a bit more flashy for modder or window cases.


   If you want a flashy, eye-catching CPU cooler then this product might not be for you but if you are in need of a well built, extremely stable CPU cooler that will fit in just about any case imaginable, then look no further. Spire "SP779B3 KestrelKing IV™" has everything you need to run an AMD 64 bit CPU with little to no worries.  I am pleased to award the KestrelKing IV™ Marns CDA's Blue Ribbon Seal of Approval for a nice, all around cooler at a reasonable price.

Rating: 5 & 1/2 out of 6 Stars

Review Date: 02/07/05

Reviewer: pr101j (Paul)


Company Info

Spire - Headquarters

Corporate office USA-CA
City of Industry, CA
Tel.: +1-866-44-SPIRE
Tel.: +1-626-839-1170
Fax: +1-626-839-1177
Factory I China
Shen Zhen, China
Tel.: +86-755-28152129
Fax: +86-755-28130528


Factory II China
Shen Zhen, China
Tel.: +86-755-83999984
Fax: +86-755-83999980


Spire - Branches

Sales office USA-NY
Pittsford, NY
Tel.: +1-866-44-SPIRE
Tel.: +1-585-586-9220
Fax: +1-585-586-1965
Branch office Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil
Tel.: +55-11-6950-2022
Fax: +55-11-6950-2244


Branch office Germany
Oberhausen, Germany
Tel.: +49-208-6359673
Fax: +49-208-6359675


Branch office Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Tel.: +81-3-54215950
Fax: +81-3-57935220


Branch office Netherlands
Maarheeze, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-495-596511
Fax: +31-495-594412


Branch office Taiwan
Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Tel.: +886-4-24754982
Fax: +886-4-24755251

Branch office U.K
Hampshire, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44-239-2581111
Fax: +44-239-2581441


Service center Europe
Maarheeze, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-495-596519
Fax: +31-495-594412


Branch office France
Gentilly, France
Tel.: +33-146-652998
Fax: +33-146-640611




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