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OCZ Dual Channel PC3700 Gold Edition Rev.3





   OCZ, one of the leading memory manufacturers, has a new revision of their high performance DDR. This new revision includes an ultra low latency of 2.5-3-3-8 and can handle a 2.8v current, that's .2 over your standard memory module. Also, note the copper heat spread with gold plating to correspond with this series memory "gold". OCZ is well known for high performance memory modules especially in the gaming community.  Let's take a closer look and see if this new release is really as good as OCZ is boasting...


466MHz DDR       
CL 2.5-3-3
Available in 512MB (2x256) and 1GB (2x512) Dual Channel Optimized Kits       
Gold Layered Copper Heatspreader       
Lifetime Warranty       
2.8 Volts       
184 Pin DIMM

Special Features        
HyperSpeed® Technology**       

OCZ Gold PC-3700 Revision 3 is the latest iteration of the extreme-speed 466MHz Gold Series family. The PC-3700 Gold Rev. 3 has been re-engineered to turn out heart-pounding 2.5-3-3 timings. The OCZ PC-3700 Gold Rev. 3 is built with the proprietary HyperSpeed® Technology feature as well as Ultra-Low Noise PCB construction.

Each member of the OCZ Gold PC-3700 Rev. 3 family is encased in a gold layered copper heatspreader for efficient heat dissipation, a lifetime warranty, toll-free technical support and the exclusive EVP® (Extended Voltage Protection) coverage.

OCZ PC-3700 products are 100% hand-tested to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards. In addition, every Dual Channel Kit from OCZ is hand tested as a matched pair across a wide variety of motherboards to ensure flawless performance on most motherboards.

With its ultra-fast performance, high quality and reliability, the OCZ Gold PC-3700 Rev. 3 is a perfect memory upgrade for high-resolution 3D applications, memory-hungry digital video editing software and extreme P.C. gaming programs.

* OCZ EVP® (Extended Voltage Protection) is a feature that allows performance enthusiasts to use a VDIMM of 3.0V ± 5% without invalidating their OCZ Lifetime Warranty.

**OCZ HyperSpeed® technology denotes specific OCZ EL DDR ICs built and selected for their ability to run at the highest possible frequency.

***ULN (Ultra Low Noise) technology uses various printed circuit board (PCB) techniques to reduce the amount of electrical noise that is present in all high-speed ICs. This results in faster and more stable memory.

Exert taken from Product page

Price: Newegg price 122.50 USD as of 02/12/05 Purchase Link




   Well, the install of memory is not rocket science, just make sure you have the memory facing the correct way and don't force the module. Apply pressure firmly until the latches click or fasten the module into place. Please make sure you write down the latency numbers off of the chip before booting. Some motherboards do not auto detect the high performance modules so it is a good idea to go into the BIO's and make sure all the settings are correct. In our install the SOYO CK8 auto detected the latency fine but the core voltage was still set to 2.6v and this memory runs optimally at 2.8v.  Other then that the install is pretty easy and standard.  Please note on the CK8 our max bus is 200mghz not the rated 233mghz so our results under the AMD64 bit CPU could probably be better with a different board.  We will run this memory on a XP class ASUS board just to verify the memory can handle the 466mghz FSB.



   OCZ does a fine job of making this memory look sharp. They chose to coat the heat spread according to the model's modules, in this case metallic gold. There really isn't that much to talk about with the appearance, it's memory. It has cool heat spreads with the metallic gold.  It looks like memory, period. OCZ doesn't appear to be getting into the LED race like a few of the other manufacturers, at least at this point they are focusing on performance rather then the frills...



   Our main goal in this section is to see how well this memory works. Unfortunately, we do not have any direct competitors to run the benchmark against so we are going to do the next best thing by running a single 512 Corsair XMS XL Pro PC3200 chip against the 2x256 COZ PC3700.  Please note in the AMD 64Bit configuration they will both have the same FSB 200mghz. We are going to run these two competitors under a multitude of different benchmarks.  Everything from AquaMark3 to Unreal and of course PCMark04.  As you can see from the results below the performance between the two manufacturers is similar but overall it appears OCZ does perform a little bit better.  This might have something to do with the dual channel vs. single 512meg chip. It's tough to tell, but one thing was clear, if you are looking for a 512 fast solution this combo will do nicely. The OCZ Gold Series Rev.3 performs exceptionally well and will definitely out perform most single chip solutions.  It is very important, however, to make sure you have the correct BIO's settings to unlock the potential of this RAM.

AMD 64 Bit test machine

SOYO CK8 Motherboard

AMD 64 bit Socket 754 3200+ 2.2ghtz

120gig Western Digital IDE ATA100 8meg buffer Hard Drive

XFX nVidia 6600 GT 128meg AGP Graphics Card


AMD XP test machine


AMD XP 1800+ 1.5ghtz socket A

20gig Maxtor IDE ATA133 1meg buffer Hard Drive

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 32meg old school


3DMark03Pro Revision 6 Build 0

AMD XP System

System Test Suite (PCMarks)

Kingston Value 1x512meg 2153
Corsair XMS XLPro PC3200 1x512meg 2162
OCZ Gold Rev.3 PC3700 2x256 Dual Channel 2176

Memory Test Suite

Kingston Value 1x512meg 1455
Corsair XMS XLPro PC3200 1x512meg 1443
OCZ Gold Rev.3 PC3700 2x256 Dual Channel 1467

Note: That default memory setting are used on Kingston and Corsair



Unreal Tournament 2003 CPU Benchmark

AMD 64 Bit System

Memory Type Average FPS Low FPS High FPS
Resolution dm-antalus dm-antalus dm-antalus
Corsair 1x512 XMS XLPro PC3200 1024x768 129.014221 26.499647 691.489319
OCZ 2x256 Gold Rev.3 PC3700 1024x768 149.808319 67.223152 659.386780

This test was run using the CPU Bench Option
This test was run using the Direct3D Rendering Engine
This test was run using the demo version of Unreal Tournament 2003
This test was run using the CPU_LowDetail.ini provided by [H]ard|OCP





3DMark03Pro Revision 6 Build 0

AMD 64 Bit System

Default Mode

3DMark03 Score

Corsair 1x512 XMS XLPro PC3200


OCZ 2x256 Gold Series Rev.3 PC3700


PCMark04 Test Results

(Please make a note that we ran OCZ at both 2.6v and 2.8v)AMD 64 Bit system

System Test Suite (PCMarks)

Corsair 3545
OCZ 2.6v 3557
OCZ 2.8v 3684

Memory Test Suite

Corsair 3389
OCZ 2.6v 3360
OCZ 2.8v 3429


Memory Test Suite Detailed

Raw Block Read - 8 MB (MB/s)
Corsair 2768.93
OCZ 2.6v 2764.66
OCZ 2.8v 2829.65
Raw Block Read - 4 MB (MB/s)
Corsair 2814.06
OCZ 2.6v 2819.91
OCZ 2.8v 2897.7
Raw Block Read - 192 kB (MB/s)
Corsair 9720.08
OCZ 2.6v 9660.08
OCZ 2.8v 9853.18
Raw Block Read - 4 kB (MB/s)
Corsair 25749.99
OCZ 2.6v 25746.69
OCZ 2.8v 26243.77
Raw Block Write - 8 MB (MB/s)
Corsair 2693.98
OCZ 2.6v 2690.65
OCZ 2.8v 2743.34
Raw Block Write - 4 MB (MB/s)
Corsair 2693.34
OCZ 2.6v 2690.26
OCZ 2.8v 2743.61
Raw Block Write - 192 kB (MB/s)
Corsair 6408.06
OCZ 2.6v 6408.34
OCZ 2.8v 6535.67
Raw Block Write - 4 kB (MB/s)
Corsair 19591.69
OCZ 2.6v 19585.54
OCZ 2.8v 19963.85
Raw Block Copy - 8 MB (MB/s)
Corsair 1266.59
OCZ 2.6v 1203.98
OCZ 2.8v 1230.48
Raw Block Copy - 4 MB (MB/s)
Corsair 1294.95
OCZ 2.6v 1233.7
OCZ 2.8v 1262.59
Raw Block Copy - 192 kB (MB/s)
Corsair 3658.3
OCZ 2.6v 3644.03
OCZ 2.8v 3713.43
Raw Block Copy - 4 kB (MB/s)
Corsair 10435.86
OCZ 2.6v 10447.61
OCZ 2.8v 10653.47
Random Access - 8 MB (MB/s)
Corsair 2362.24
OCZ 2.6v 2358.47
OCZ 2.8v 2403.51
Random Access - 4 MB (MB/s)
Corsair 2360.56
OCZ 2.6v 2355.04
OCZ 2.8v 2404.7
Random Access - 192 kB (MB/s)
Corsair 6217.86
OCZ 2.6v 6259.65
OCZ 2.8v 6257.56
Random Access - 4 kB (MB/s)
Corsair 13163.29
OCZ 2.6v 13161.34
OCZ 2.8v 13420.59



    OCZ provides a lifetime warranty. This means that the manufacturer really stands behind their product. OCZ makes one fine chip! The heat spread OCZ uses is a solid copper core with a painted gold exterior to match the theme of the product's name: Ex "Gold series" has gold coating, "Platinum series" has platinum coating. Pretty ingenious, right =)  Anyhow, what I noticed first about the spreads was their thickness. I have used and seen many heat spreads or RAM sinks, whichever you want to call them, and OCZ is using a very high quality spread. It's thicker and most likely that will increase the amount of heat dispersed. Many of the spreads you see currently actually do more work from the adhesive thermal coating then the aluminum spread on the outside. That is not the case here. Longevity of this product is an unknown and unfortunately, only time will tell if this chip really holds up. However, considering the warranty and the quality heat spread OCZ provides, I don't see any problems in the near future. The packaging quality is pretty much standard for memory modules. They use a hardened plastic fold over case similar to all the major manufacturers. This may not be ideal for shipping, but it is a well designed package for consumer sales and presentation.


This memory is fast!

Price is very good.

Performance is awesome.

Heat Spreads are very thick and well made.


Nothing really...


   If you need quality and performance in your memory look no further, OCZ has manufactured another fine product. Built for the long haul and ready to run, this memory will perform above and beyond what most people would ever expect from a DDR RAM module.  This is very easy for me to award OCZ PC3700 Gold Series Rev.3 with our Editors Choice Trophy of Excellence!!!!!!  Nice product OCZ!  It was a pleasure reviewing this product.




Rating: 6 out of 6 Stars Perfect Score!!!!!!

Review Date: 02/12/05

Reviewer: pr101j (Paul)


Company Info

OCZ Contact Info
California Sales Office
860 E. Arques Ave.,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA
(408) 733-8400 Phone
(408) 733-5200 Fax
Sales Team
(408) 733-8400

Canada Sales Office
60 Centurian Drive, 
Unit #106, Markham, 
Ontario, L3R 9R2
(905) 479-7976 
UK Sales Office
Talbot Woods, Bournemout
Sales Team
+44 (0)208 892 54 54 

Brazil Sales/Marketing
Brazil - Săo Paulo - SP
CEP: 04901-000
Ricardo Palumbo
55-11-5897-3229 Phone
55-11-9602-6530 Mobile phone

Technical Support
Most questions can be 
answered in our support 
area here, however you 
can contact us at:
(408) 733-7600 Local
(800) 459-1816 Toll Free
Reseller Programs
For information about our 
various programs for our 
resellers please select 
from the following:
Marketing Department
Public Relations



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