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XaviX Gaming systems

   XaviX peaked our interests at the CES show in January of this year and we were fortunate enough to be given a few of their newer games to test out and let you know exactly what we think of this new at home, interactive gaming system.  XaviX has a very innovative way of viewing video gaming in the upcoming future. Instead of your normal console games they decided to take a healthier route on where the contestants must  interact using sensors and equipment.  A family can play a multitude of games in the safety and privacy of their own home.  Perfect for the rainy day blues or after dark activities in your living room.  We also did a highlight of these products and many others in our CES section, you can check it out HERE.


The XaviX® multiprocessor chip is the heart of the XaviX® System. Unlike most computing systems, the XaviX® chip is located within the XaviXSystemCartridge™ not the XaviXPORT™ which makes upgrading your XaviXPORT™ obsolete.


Title: XaviXBowling™
Publisher: SSD Company Limited
Genre/Category: Sports - Bowling
System: XaviXPORT™
Number of Players: 1-8


Title: XaviXBaseball™
Publisher: SSD Company Limited
Genre/Category: Sports - Baseball
System: XaviXPORT™
Number of Players: 1-4


Title: XaviX Tennis™
Publisher: SSD Company Limited
Genre/Category: Sports - Football
System: XaviXPORT
Number of Players: 1-8


49.99 for game modules Baseball, Golf EST..
XaviXPORT cost



  Installation is very simple. Using your TV RCA jacks just plug it in like any other console gaming system.  Please note all the different buttons and what their functions are on the console itself.  Remember there are no joysticks so most of the game setup are located on the console.  After installing the "XPort," or main console,  open and read carefully the directions on the game you want to play. We have Baseball, Tennis, and Bowling to choose from. Insert the cartridge and follow the instructions for the menu structure. Most of the games appear to have a very similar menu structure so once you get the hang of one game the rest should be pretty easy. The photos bellow show how simple installation really is just plug in the RCA jacks from your TV to the XavxiProt. Then hook up the power, and insert the game cartridge. Its that simple..



The "XPort" itself is very small and can be stored very easily.  I was very impressed with the size versus intelligence of this system.  As you will see, the way this system works is very similar to your other manufacturer's console style games, you have different software (cartridges) to choose from. The main difference is instead of using the same controller for all games, XaviX  provides game specific devices from which each game is played.  The devices are made to react very similar to the real thing.  For example, you get a Bat and Ball and when pitching your finger placement and reaction time dictate just how fast the pitch will be and what type of pitch you send.  The Bat reacts similarly in the way that the velocity and the angle the bat is swung dictates the distance and the angle of the hit ball. Very realistic.  Baseball and Tennis do take a little more to get used to then Bowling but I believe that is due to the up/down variable and the difficulty level is much more intense.

Bellow are some photos of all three games and packaging we will star with Bowling then Baseball and last Tennis.





It is a little difficult to really discuss a console system in a review without variable to test so what I did instead was to let a group of children (My Nieces and Nephews) use this product and see their reaction.  They were excited like all children getting a new play toy and showed a peaked interest in playing all the games.  I would say the three of them played over four hrs. in the first sitting, mostly baseball at first.  The next morning I was pestered to bring out the bowling game by two 10 year old twins.  To me this is a big sign that the game kept them interested more then your average game.  You must take into account that these kids are not your average kids.  All of them have had access to any console game, hand held games and PC based games from the age of 6. I can guarantee that because I built their PC’s, I bought personally many of the games and they love visiting their uncle Paul.  Back to my observations... After a few more hours of playing bowling and trying tennis it was very clear that this game held their attention for more then a few minutes and the fact that the participants are required to move is a big plus to me, especially on snow or rainy days where children need to work off some of that extra energy.

The next weekend came along and the kids came over to visit again and guess what, without a prompt or any coaxing they all wanted to play Bowling.  Now it is possible that they prefer bowling because it is easier or the fact that in the winter months most of our out of home activities consisted of bowling.  Either way this is by far their favorite game and I can not stress enough my surprise in their interest in these games by two 10 year olds and a 15 year old.  Not to mention I like playing as well. Overall,  likeability and cost versus interest, Xavix gets a big thumb’s up in my family. My editor has also shown a big interest and has taken part of playing a few rounds with the kids. She even plans on purchasing the baseball game for her own nephew. There are not many children to play with at his mother's house, and many days he's spent hanging out in his room on the Playstation, etc. The interaction and physical activity will be a big plus for him.

As for the actual game play it takes a bit to get used to,  but as long as you have the XaviXPort located in an optimal spot and have normal hand eye coordination the game plays well. All three units we tried responded exceptionally. Anyone should be able to use these games my whole family tried this ranging from 10 to 50 years of age and all of them had some degree of success.  I can see many more uses for this product and expect to hear more about it in the upcoming year.



When talking about the actual games and specifics, the graphics at least for Bowling, Baseball, & Tennis where nothing to write home about.  Very similar to older Tiger Woods Golf or touch screen game resolution, but that is not what they are all about.  It is the ability to interact with a console game with more then your standard controller.  Body movements,  physical dexterity and mobility not only increase your health but also promotes family unit interaction and competitive situations with your family unit.  I know I am getting into family dynamics, I’ll stop now while I am ahead. This unit was also appealing to older folks as well, even grandma had fun playing the Bowling with the kids. Seeing that the actual CPU or processing power is all in the cartridge, the newer games will probably be even more detailed and with higher resolutions.


Relatively inexpensive.

Easy to use and install.

Fun for the entire family!

Promotes physical activity while entertaining the participants.

Overall response was good.


Graphics could be a bit better.


   Xavix definitely gets a big kudos from our entire staff for many reasons but most of all the inexpensive consol game that is designed for the entire family. Not to mention it promotes a healthier way of gaming... We are proud to award this unit our "Editors Choice Trophy of Excellence"... Congratulations Xaxix!!!

Rating: 6 out of 6 Stars

Review Date 2/25/05

Reviewer: pr101j (Paul)


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