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     Altec Lansing one of many Audio device manufactures has a very divers product list. Recently we got our hands on one of their high end Headphone sets the "AHP 712i". First and foremost don't confuse headsets and headphones they are very distinct market differences. Headsets generally come with a microphone and for our readers these would be used for only chat or gaming channels. Headphones on the other hand are more defined as music listening devices. You may say what's the difference you can hear the music on either system. Well I can tell you there is a huge difference. Headsets generally allow noise into your hearing plain where headphone are designed to block everything but the music. The 712 is the epitome of this idea. Altec has created a device powered by a single AAA battery to cut  the white noise. At first I was very skeptical but after using this product in multiple environments I see exactly what Altec has done.

     Let me set the scene I am at my 9 to 5 it is a large lab filled with air units and white noise devices not to mention all the PC's electronic measuring devices and all the extras. I tune into my favorite web radio station with the headset hooked up the sound is OK I can hear some of the background crap from all the electronics then I flip the switch. The little device designed to clear the noise.. Let me tell you I was very impressed not only did this little device eliminate the noise outside the headset but it made the incoming music clearer crisper and loader. I can see this product used almost anywhere you want to block out distractions whether on a Airplane, Ridding a bike, At work or in an intense battle at the local LAN party.

     Additionally Altec  provides some cool extras including any hookup imaginable Airplane dual jacks large RCA extension and a very very cool caring case. Or should I say bag. This bag is padded and
lined with a velvety material. Inside is a little pocket for putting the extras so you don't misplace any of the goodies. The price tag on this set is a bit high but if you are looking for a well made device to tune out the world then take a closer look.  The comfort level is pretty good all the components that touch your head are padded and soft as you can see in the photos. Another thing I found interesting was the exterior nose. When on someone's head it is very hard to hear what they are listening to. You might think well who cares about that, but if you are at work and you like some heavy energy body slamming death metal but your co workers might not appreciate it then you don't need to worry because unless they are right next to you the noise level will be non existent.

     I have very little negative to mention concerning this product other then maybe making the ear holes a little bigger for big eared ogres like myself. A minor discomfort and I mean minor. Over 95% of the consumers will have smaller ears then me and will not have a problem.

     We let a few folks take a look
at this product and all where surprised to see the sound difference between when the noise dampener was on and off. You really cant explain how much background noise there is that can be heard with conventional headphones. These are a must for people that really need to alleviate any external noise from the surroundings perfect for long plane rides or noisy areas.

      Conclusion is pretty simple. If you can afford the 150.00 price tag and need a quality audio device then this might be the perfect product. The AHP 712i is Ideal for the traveling business person or the developer / gamer that wants to tune out the world. Remember these are not Headsets for gaming these are Headphones for musical entertainment. Great gift idea for anyone that travels allot the Airline phone jack is a plus. Altec definitely deserves our highest honor the Editors Choice trophy of excellence, For a benchmark to be met by there competitors High quality and well though out engineering. Congratulation Altec...

     I almost forgot if these headphones seem a bit pricy Altec Lansing has a few other a little less expensive that have allot of the same features check out there site.



Easy to use

Superb sound

Great Extras

Noise Dampening Device work way better then expected

Carrying sack big plus



A little expensive but well worth it.



Rating: 6 our of 6 Stars

Review Date: 04/12/06

Reviewer: pr101j (Paul)






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