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Titan Water Cooling Economy Solution "Bianca"




     With the large emphasis on keeping our CPU cool especially with all of the AMD cpu’s on the market Titan has created a simple economy line to fill this market. Intended as a moderately priced water-cooling device the “Bianca” appears to be a solid choice even if it is your first time dealing with a water-cooling system. Lets take a closer look.




 Total Dimensions

164 x 255 x 67mm

 Fan Dimensions

80 x 80 x 25mm

 Rated Current


 Total Power Consumption


 Rated Voltage

DC 12V



 Rated Speed






 Noise Level



 No of Pole

4 Pole

 Rotation Direction


 Bearing Type

Sleeve / One Ball / Two Ball / Z-AXIS

 Life Time

25,000 /35,000 / 50,000 / 60,000 Hours

Water pump motor:

 Rated Voltage


 Rated Speed In Water


 High In Water



Features :

circle03_darkblue_1.gif External water cooling
circle03_darkblue_1.gif Nice-looking design
circle03_darkblue_1.gif Powerful silent cooling performance
circle03_darkblue_1.gif Available in 2 versions (CPU version and GPU version)
circle03_darkblue_1.gif CPU version: support for INTEL P3, P4 (socket 478,   775) support for AMD K7, K8 (socket 462, 754/939/940)
circle03_darkblue_1.gif GPU version: support for ATI and NVIDIA VGA cards
circle03_darkblue_1.gif Straightforward water fill port with a bright LED
circle03_darkblue_1.gif Fan speed control function
circle03_darkblue_1.gif Water flow indicator showing the status of the water    flow
circle03_darkblue_1.gif Alarm of pump and fan failure
circle03_darkblue_1.gif Color illustrated user manual in 7 languages
circle03_darkblue_1.gif Competitive price



US$104.99 on Purchase Link


     The installation is pretty easy if you have ever installed a cooler either Air or water this should be a snap. Pretty much attach the water block to the CPU or GPU and then attach the hoses to transport the coolant there is a PCI adapter to connect the power and hoses from the block to the outside of the case where the radiator and pump consol are located. Fill the reservoir from the from panel of the cooling unit and their you go all done.  Please make sure this piece is secured and that you hook the power cable up. The coolant provided is made to reduce corrosion and rust and it is important to use the entire bottle then filling the system at a 3.5 to 1 ratio of DISTILLED WATER to coolant.. I am not sure if the third part non-conducive coolants will cause any problems with this system but it might be worth looking into to make this product work even better or safer. There is an easy to read indicator to let you know when more liquid is needed make sure distilled water and coolant are always used when refilling or some sort of coolant designed for water systems. The design of this cooler makes for easy maintenance and refilling no ripping apart of the PC of any kind just open the filling station and add coolant. The installation documentation provide is very detailed and easy to follow. I was very pleased when reading to find main notes and warring noted in bold and red to make sure the customer doesn’t miss them. For the GPU it is important to know that this might not work on every card and that the primary design appears to be the nVidia 6800 series although Titan does provide a few other brackets for other card types. We will not be looking at the GPU unit but it is essentially the same as the CPU minus minimal changes to bracketing. Oh I almost forgot Titan also provides an inline flow indicator for guys like me that get worried with water system to make sure the coolant is still moving. The indicator is pretty much a propeller that spins so you know the coolant is moving. Nice touch Titan..




     The reservoir and cooling fan unit Titan has made a very compact yet affective cooler. The front of the reservoir has all the controls and the coolant refill location for easy replenishment. Note the quad color design indicating the four fan speeds dictating the RPM’s that the fan is currently running at and for overall esthetics. Another important thing to note about this cooler is that they come with two options either a CPU cooler or a GPU block. The CPU cooler fits on the majority of the chipsets on the market including K7,K8 754 & 939. Intel 478 and 775 making it very compatible for most scenarios.


     One ting I do think I would do with this product to make it better is use a non-conductive coolant rather than relying on a water anti freeze solution. But that is only to error on the side of procession and to be honest I do not know if or how the non-conducive materials perform in comparison to the anti-freeze provided b Titan. This really isn't a draw back but more a side note of something we may visit in the future I believe the main reason Titan dose not use non-conductive coolant is probably due to price it would make the overall cost higher then the intended marketplace price range.


     Now we are in the middle of a heat wave and our average dally temperature are in the 90's so we will be taking a look at this cooling system from a different point of view. Rather then compare it to the air cooling systems we have we are going to look at how well the cooling system keeps its temp over a series of tests. The system we are going to use for this test is a 3200+ 64 bit 754 socket AMD CPU manly because this is very very hot running CPU generally it can average twice the normal running temperature as the 939 socket CPU's so if the "Bianca" can keep the 754 socket cool then it should work great with the other chip sets.


     The first thing we did was run a load test using many benchmarking utilities like PCMark04 and SIStest over a course of three days. During each load test the CPU never increased over two degrees Celsius above the idle temperature of 70 degrees Celsius even though the internal case temperature varied from 46 degrees Celsius to 58 degrees Celsius. I was very impressed with this fact. Most of these tests where run with a CPU usage of no less then 90% and up to 100% for extended periods of time. This shows me that even under a large stress heat wise the Bianca performed very well to dissipate the heat from the CPU block and keeps the temp consistent.

Temperature Vs FSB Test Results

CPU Speed Idle Case Temp Idle CPU Temp Load Case Temp Load CPU Temp
2.02 GHz 46C 71C 49C 72C
2.42 GHz 47C 71C 50C 72C
2.475Ghz 47C 71C 53C 73C
2.5 GHz 48C 71C 57C 74C

Note: The data between 2.02 and 2.42 was not placed in the results due to lack of temperature change so the data was felt not crucial.





     The second part of our testing involved over clocking what we did was increased the CPU speed by 1% or 2 steps each boot then ran the PCMark04 software to see if there where any problems and if the temp went up. The results where rather promising. We stopped Over Clocking the CPU around 228 FSB or 2.5 GHz just because we noted a change in temp every step after that point and for stability sack that was our holding point. We did git the PC to post well over this mark and even run but this seemed to be a very stable point to stop. Remember every CPU is different and some chipsets can run cooler then this unit. PCMark04 ran great at 2.5 gHz this was around 500mghz faster the CPU was intended almost a 25% increase in direct CPU frequency. As you can see from the chart bellow we ran this test under default CPU settings (207 FSB) and then at 222 OC setting or 228 FSB with a few other speeds in between. We focused on the CPU section of the PCMark utility and noted a considerable jump in score from default to the 2.5ghz OC over 400 points roughly 10% increase in score. What does this all mean when talking cooling. Well let me put it to you this way because of the stability of the Bianca water cooling system the CPU temp was able to keep itself very stable even under duress with a minimal fluctuation allowing this system to be over clocked safely to increase the CPU performance in many aspects. In short this unit ROCKS..


Over clocking Test Results

System Configurations and Project Settings










Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP

Direct X Version





Motherboard Manufac.





MoBo Model






AMD Athlon(tm) 64 2262 MHz

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 2497 MHz

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 2475 MHz

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 2420 MHz

Physical CPU






207 MHz

228 MHz

226 MHz

221 MHz


512 MB

512 MB

512 MB

512 MB

Graphics Manufac.





Graphics Driver

GeForce FX 5500

GeForce FX 5500

eForce FX 5500

GeForce FX 5500

Program Version

PCMark04 Revision 3 Build 0

PCMark04 Revision 3 Build 0

PCMark04 Revision 3 Build 0

PCMark04 Revision 3 Build 0

Test Results

CPU Test Suite
Default 4157
222 4559
220 4525
215 4430

CPU Test Suite

File Compression (MB/s)
Default 3.18
222 3.35
220 3.34
215 3.29
File Encryption (MB/s)
Default 34.44
222 38.18
220 37.85
215 36.96
File Decompression (MB/s)
Default 27.1
222 29.8
220 29.52
215 28.84
Image Processing (MPixels/s)
Default 13.72
222 15.15
220 15.0
215 14.69
Grammar Check (KB/s)
Default 5.84
222 6.33
220 6.28
215 6.16
File Decryption (MB/s)
Default 67.48
222 76.28
220 75.7
215 73.96
Audio Conversion (KB/s)
Default 2950.15
222 3250.55
220 3221.69
215 3153.49
WMV Video Compression (FPS)
Default 52.27
222 57.22
220 56.82
215 55.75
DivX Video Compression (MFPS)
Default 63.46
222 69.62
220 69.2
215 67.41



      The overall quality appears great the only real add we could mention was that the outer shell of the cooling unit is made of a tin material that might be more susceptible to denting. With the packaging provided on the unit it shouldn't be a worry though. Other then that everything from the documentation to the craftsmanship and the extras provided for the just in case situations are top notch. This is our first Water cooling review so it will be our benchmark for future reviews and I have a feeling it will be a tuff act to follow at least for the price..


Easy to install..

No leaks

Cools very well

Keeps temps very stable.

Moderately priced.

Looks pretty neat.


Coolant could be non conducive.

A mounting system for the PC would be a value add.


     When all is said and done we where very pleased with this unit Titan has done what they promise providing a moderately priced easy to install well built water cooling system. I feel very comfortable recommending this unit to any first time water cooling user or even as a low coast add to an old pro.. Nice product Titan we are pleased to award the "Bianca" with our Marns CDA Blue Ribbon Seal of Approval!!!!!! Congratulations.


Rating: 5 out of 6 Stars (The Score might have been higher but this is our first water-cooling benchmark so it will be a rate setting product and there needs to be room for movement with other products.)

Review Date: 7/15/05

Reviewer: pr101j (Paul)


Let us know what you think of the product or the article on our message board

Company Info


Manufacturer & Exporter
TITAN Computer CO., LTD.

(Taiwan Headquarters)
25F, No. 27-8, Sec. 2, Jungjeng E. Rd., Danshuei Jen, Taipei,Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-28081188 Fax: 886-2-28084567AA





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