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Kamakiri SCKKR-1000

Heat Pipe CPU Cooler









  Scythe has provided Marns CDA with another unique CPU cooler. This model the Kamakiri SCKKR-1000 was just released on the US market a few days ago. As you can see from the picture above this heat sink is nothing like your standard cooler. The 80mm fan is mounted in the center of the heat fins pushing the air across the sink rather then pulling or pushing the air vertically. Now the nice thing about this cooler like most of the Scythe products it can fit virtually any socket CPU on the market. For the people that have never heard of heat pipe technology the premise is that you use copper pipes to draw the heat from the CPU. Then the fins draw the heat off of the pipes. Later we will look at the test results and decide if this holds up and how effective this method of cooling performs.



Model Name:
Scythe Co., Ltd., Japan
R.C.C.M3Rigid Core Clamping Mechanism
Socket: 775 !! /478/754/940/939/A/370
Socket 478/775 P4 Prescott 3.6G+
Athlon64/64+ Socket754/940/939 3800+, Socket 370/A all model
Fan Dimensions:
Combined Dimensions:
Fan Speed:
1300~4600rpm (with rheostat)
Fan Noise Level:
15.1dBA @ 1300rpm (lowest); 46.1dBA @ 4600rpm (highest)
675gSocket 478/775
665gSocket A/370
655gSocket 754/940/939
Air Flow:
Fan Type:
Hypro Bearing Fan (Fluid Bearing. Longer Life [50,000 hrs] & Quieter)


Easy Installation
Scythe's unique R.C.C.M.3 (Rigid Core Clamping Mechanism 3) makes installation quicker and easier than others
all-in-1 CPU Cooler
Use it as a silent CPU Cooler (only 15.1dBA @ 1300rpm) or powerful CPU Cooler for your High-End PC (46.1dBA @ 4600rpm)
Cooling Efficiency/Fan
A.M.W.S.; Advanced Midship Wave Stacked-Fin
A.M.W.S.Advanced Midship Wave Stacked-Fin
80mm fan is placed in the middle of the heatsink, 6 heat pipes and aluminum fins..
By utilizing both In-and-out flowing air, it can cool off the heatsink effeciently
Quieter Fan
At its lowest setting, the fan is nearly inaudible (15.1 dB @ 1300rpm)
Universal Socket Compatibility
Compatible with almost all sockets, including LGA775 !! (except XEON)
AMD Socket 462/754/939/940
Intel Socket 370/478
Great Value!
Affordable and reasonable price

For more information here is the product page at Scythe... 



The MSRP for this product is $59.99 most likely the price will go a little cheaper when it hits the market. But even at $59.99 it is a good value when taking into account performance, size, and ease of installation.




  The Kamakiri is very similar to the FCS-50 so it will install very easy. It is a 2 piece clamp installation that even the most novice of modders should have no problem with install. The documentation is brief but adequate again very similar in mounting design to the FCS-50 so for more details check out our review of the FCS-50 if we happened to leave anything out.

  The primary mount is placed on the CPU harness and you just screw the heat sink in place. It's as simple as that. Note: When screwing the sink onto the harness its a good idea to alternate sides tightening little by little to reduce any chance of over pressure of the CPU.


  Power and controls are pretty standard using a 4 pin 12v standard Molex connector for power. And a radial speed adjustment knob that uses a rear IO card mount. Just plug them in and go. They also provide you a 3 pin connector so you can monitor the temp with most motherboard applications probes.

Note: Make sure you remove the knob before trying to push it through the Rear mount. It is not fastened on but pulls off a bit hard.

  Now Scythe has even coined there mounting system. It is called R.C.C.M.3 or rigid core clamp mechanism 3. If you see this on a heat sink you know the install is going to be a breeze. The parts are shown in the illustration below. 

Note: Below are all the different socket mounts you don't need all of them to install the sink so don't get alarmed.



  The Kamakiri looks like It came write out of a sci-fi movie. One interesting feature of this Heat Pipe is that the fan is placed in the center of the block. I can say I have ever noted any other heat sink with this type of design. Notice the plastic casing around the fins. This serves dual purposes, one it protects the fins from any unnecessary damage, and two it seems to hold the 80mm fan in place. 

  Now the picture on the right hand side has a shot of the underside. Something that wasn't on the FCS-50 that is definitely a plus is the blue plastic strip covering the lapped area. This new feature is nice when handling the sink as to not scratch the surface that will come in contact with the CPU. For those that do not know the smoother the surface the better the heat dispersal, so anything to help retain that sheen is a good thing.

  The illustration below gives you a closer look at the copper piping used to draw the heat away from the CPU. It also shows the base block that holds the sink together. Pretty fancy if you ask me.



  As for the quality of this product I am just as pleased with the Kamakiri as I was with the FCS-50.This product is definitely a high end product all cuts are perfect all the fins are spaced evenly. the pipes are beautiful. There are no sharp edges or lose pieces to worry about.

  Scythe used a very high quality fan control as in some of their other products. This is a solid knob not a two piece cheepy. It is these little things that make a product like this a step above its competitors. 

  The packaging is definitely better then that of the FCS-50. Scythe used a window box and designed the box to secure the sink into place. They could have placed some packing on the side possibly but the design of the box itself is satisfactory. Considering the fins are incased in the plastic cover there is less worry about mister post man being able to damage the sink itself.

  The only thing left is to see how it performs. If the Kamakiri performs as well as it is made then this product might just receive an editors choice award.



  Now lets take a look at how this bad boy actually runs. We are going to use our standard stress procedure to run see how well this sink keeps the CPU cool. 

Note: Results vary from system to system we are dealing with a lot of factors that might change a person results to look different from ours. We keep our tests static so you can see the difference from one sink to the other on our test machine for more details feel free to contact us with inquiries.

This is the base Cool Master heat sink that came prepackaged with the AMD 2500+ XP CPU

 Our procedure for acquiring the temperature data is simple. We had a base internal case temp of 80F or around 26C, purposely hot. This is called "A zone" for anyone that is interested in testing. We took the temp reading with normal idle usage and 100% CPU usage. These reading where taken after 5 min of run time at 100% giving a pretty accurate reading of extreme situations. Then we took one reading using the Stock Cool Master heat sink and two reading from the Kamakiri. The first is at low fan settings. The second is at high. Seeing that the fan is radial and not a step speed control the data will give you worst and best case situations everything in between is irrelevant.

 Here are a few screen shots of the ASUS probe used to collect the data. I know they are a bit tuff to read but the resolution is pretty high so you can view them well if you print this at home, or just right click go to properties, copy the URL and paste it in a explorer address window.

Illustration 1.1 Cool Master Idle temp 41C and  Load temp 50C

Illustration 1.2 Kamakiri Low Fan setting Idle temp 37C and  Load temp 45C

Illustration 1.3 Kamakiri high Fan setting Idle temp 33C and  Load temp 41C


   I decided to include the data from the FCS-50 cooler along with the stock sink. Now as you can see the Kamakiri performs almost as well as the FCS-50. Considering the size difference between the 2 sinks this is exceptional. The FCS-50 takes up a lot more case space and was one of its major drawbacks. The Kamakiri still avg. 12% to 25%  increase in heat reduction over the stock heat sink provided with some AMD CPU's. Note: the data was collected using the same test and same equipment so our data is consistent.

  As for the fan this thing screams, and it pushes air very well. If you don't like the extra noise you can turn down the dial to a speed not audible outside the case. The speed of this liquid bear fan is anywhere from 1383 RPM low setting to 4968 RPM on high. Now that is on average twice the speed of most 80mm fans you find on the market today. 



Installation is a snap same procedure as the FCS-50 best I have seen.

Cooling performance is more then Impressive.

Quality is A+ 

The design is not only appealing to look at but performs as well.

Versatility is amazing it fits on all CPU's on the Market.

Size is definitely more manageable. Not to big not to small.

The liquid bearing fan does a fine job.




Only real problem I can see with this product is it runs slightly hotter then the FCS-50 but it is considerable smaller I am not sure one degree Celsius is going to be to big a deal.


  Scythe USA has done a fine job with this product. They produced a quality product that sets itself apart from its competitors. 

  Marns CDA is proud to give Scythe Heat Pipe a 6 out of 6 stars Awarding the Kamakiri SCKKR-1000  Marns CDA acclaimed "Editors choice Trophies of excellence". Combining performance size and looks into a quality product.



Rating 6 out of 6 stars

Review date 11/7/04

Reviewer Paul (pr101j)


Company Info: Scythe USA

Main site


Contact Info

Customers within the USA & Canada
Hours 9:00am - 5:00pm PST, Monday - Friday
Phone 1-310-792-8682 (Plese e-mail us for questions)
Fax 1-310-792-7016
Sales Dept. (preferred method)
Support Dept. (preferred method)
General Inquiry Reseller inquiry/Product review, please send an e-mail.

21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 700, Torrance, CA 90503 USA

Customers outside of the USA & Canada
Please contact Scythe Headquarters for further information.
Phone +81-3-5298-7415
Fax +81-3-3253-1910
Address: Crane Suehiro BLDG 3F, 4-8-5 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, JAPAN



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