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Arctic-Cooling Copper Silent 2L CPU cooler





  This is the second product arctic cooling has provided Marns CDA. If it is anything like the 80mm Pro2L TC fan, then this will be a good read. Arctic-cooling has put its silent technology to the test with the production of this cooling fan. They used everything from fan speed controls to rubber bumpers to reduce vibration. We will see if it really delivers a quiet cooler that performs as well.




Recommended Retail Price 22 USD / 18 EUR

Newegg price $18.49 USD

Purchase link 



all AMD Duron
all AMD Sempron
AMD Athlon XP up to 2500+ (1500 RPM)
AMD Athlon XP up to 3200+ (2200 RPM)
AMD Athlon XP up to 3400+ (2800 RPM)

Heat Sink:   84 x 76 x 41 mm
Copper Plate:   44 x 44 x 5 mm
Overall Dimensions:   88 x 82 x 79 mm
For the Air Flow relevant Height:   61 mm
Rated Fan Speed:   1500 / 2200 / 2800 RPM
Power Consumption:   12 V, 0.27 Amp.
Air Flow:   16 / 29 / 37 CFM
  27 / 49 / 62 m3/h
Weight:   395 g
Noise Level:   0.5 / 1.2 / 2.0 Sone
Thermal Resistance:   0.48°C/Watt

Main Features

Blue Illuminated Fan
The fan and fan case are made of transparent plastic which are illuminated from inside in blue.

3 Selectable Rotation Speeds
In order to reach the exact cooling that your CPU needs, 3 speeds can be selected via a switch. This switch has been attached to a metal bracket and can be installed in any PCI slot. Further an additional control can still be installed. In this case the three fan speed selections mark only the maximum rotation speed.

44 x 44 x 5 mm of Copper Plate
Contrary to heat sinks which use a copper core (copper poured inside aluminium), for the Copper Silent 2 we use more material over the DIE where high energy flows (copper plate) and in the external areas where low energy flows, less material (only 5mm aluminium plate). Thus we achieve a better efficiency, hence better cooling performance without increasing the weight.

Low Profile
Thanks to the reversed fan mounting, the relevant airflow height of 61mm is kept low.

Extremely Quiet
The Copper Silent 2 utilizes the same ventilation system and thus offers a very low noise level.

Fan Mounting
The Fan has been mounted onto 4 Rubber supports to stop vibrations being transmitted to the heat sink.

Owing to the screwdriver guidance and the joint both the installation was simplified significantly as well as the de-installation and is now even possible under extremely close space conditions in the PC Case.

Note: All the data in specs section is from arctic-cooling's product pages linked below

Product Page


  Install on the cooler is pretty standard for this type of cooler. AC uses a pressure bar system. This system is simple: apply the silicon grease provided by AC to the center of your CPU, make sure not to get the grease anywhere but on the top center of the chip. 

  When placing the sink on the CPU, make sure that you remove the protective plastic on the copper plate. This coating is there to prevent any damage that might occur in shipment. It is always important that the plate is as smooth as possible, hence the use of lapping by main modders to increase heat dispersal.

 There are a few nice features AC does with the install. Mostly, is the quality silicon provided: it comes in a syringe making application easy. 

  Fan installation is a snap. Just use the 3 pin motherboard connector for power. The controls are mounted on a IO card port that sets in the back of the case.

  Total time for this install shouldn't be more then 30 minutes, including the removal of the old CPU cooler. Please be very careful when applying the pressure bar mount. I have seen many instances where the screwdriver slips and dings the motherboard. It is always better to take your time rather then cause unnecessary damage to your PC.



  At first glance, the most unique part on this Cooler is the fan. The fan is totally open, there are no sidewalls to restrict airflow and the fan itself is raised a bit to prevent dead spots or areas where airflow is nonexistent.

Note the globs of rubbery substance placed under the fan. These act as a barrier between the sink and the fan itself. The reason for this is to decrease vibration that is cause by the spinning of the fan, reducing overall noise created by the cooler.


 The aluminum sink is pretty standard/normal. The fan shaped fins dissipate the heat from the center of the copper plated mounting surface that is in direct contact with the CPU.

  The fan has LED lights placed in the clear frame, similar to the Pro2l TC. When lit, the blue color shows off well. It is just the right amount of luminescence for any case.

  The overall appearance of this heat sink is an A+. The combination of cool color lighted fans and a unique shape is something worth showing off in any window case.



  Now you should first realize this is not an over clocker cooling unit, it is a QUIET alternative to a stock fan. I stress this because the selling feature is the noise level, not how cool the CPU is kept. If you are looking for an over clocking beast, this is not the CPU for you.

  We are going to run our normal Zone A test in a case with internal temps over 80 F, and test out the RPM'S and Temp at each of the 3 settings under load and idle conditions. Then we will take a look at the noise level of the fan and see if it really is as quiet as AC promises.

Illustration 1.1 AC cooler on high setting wit 100% CPU load 44(d) Celsius Idle temp was 34(d) Celsius


illustration 1.2 AC cooler on Medium setting with 100% CPU load 49(d) Celsius Idle temp was 37(d) Celsius


Illustration 1.3 AC cooler Low setting with 100% CPU Load 51(d) Celsius Idle temp was 37(d) Celsius


  As the images above show the overall performance of the heat sink when discussing temperature, there isn't much to write home about, but it is not bad. The tolerances for an AMD XP or Duron is somewhere in the 75(d) to 85(d) Celsius range, and in an A zone environment it does more then keep the CPU below that temperature. 


  When discussing sound, however, even at the highest setting in our test machine there was no sound noticeable even with the case open. We turned all other fans off except the PSU fan, and even on the high setting, the only way to hear the Cooler fan was to be within a few inches. I found this aspect to be absolutely amazing.


Maximum fan RPM's on the three settings are:

High 2657

Med 2187

Low 1500


  The overall performance of this cooler is satisfactory. The noise level is above anything I have seen on the market, however the cooling power is that of the stock heat sink. Considering this cooler was geared around being quiet, not cool, and the fact that it is very inexpensive, it gets a thumbs up from me.






This Cooler is the most silent Cooler I have ever tested.

Appearance is very appealing.

Fan control is a nice extra.

Size for the most part is not too large.

Silicon grease is A#1.

Price is right under 20 USD.




Can't really over clock a CPU.

No installation documentation provided.




  If you want a silent running PC that runs well with stock configuration, this is the cooler for you. It not only runs silent but the Blue LED's are nice to look at. All this for around $20.00. There are a few draw backs, no documentation could be a pain but it is not too difficult to figure out the install. All in all, I definitely recommend this product for anyone that wants a quiet running Heat Sink and doesn't want to spend $50.00. Arctic-Cooling is awarded Marns CDA's "Blue Ribbon Seal of Approval".


Rating 5 out of 6 Stars

Review Date 11/14/04

Reviewer pr101j (Paul)



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