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SOYO CX-S262 Gaming Case







   Let me begin by saying this is the first case I have ever seen made by SOYO. I was a bit skeptical at first, but as soon as I received the case my worries were dissolved. The case's appearance is quite appealing. Let us take a closer look and see what makes this case tick.



Expansion Slots
* 7 expansion slots in the back
USB Description
* 2 USB ports offering easy front access
Drive Bays
* Four External 5.25" Bay
* Two External 3.5" Bay
* Five Internal 3.5" Bay
Power Supply
* Standard ATX 350W Intel Pentium 4 Ready
* Three additional power outlet in the back
Dimension Description
* 7.75" x 19" x 17.75"
* Net Weight: 15.65 lbs
* Gross Weight: 18.08 lbs


WinXP / Win2000 / WinNT / WinME / Win98SE / Linux / FreeBSD
Compatible With
* All SOYO DRAGON motherboards
* Flex-ATX motherboards
* Full size ATX motherboards
All SOYO products are designed to offer stability and flexibility, and are tested to ensure highest reliability. We offer a 1 year limited warranty on this SOYO product.

Product Link



SOYO e-store price $45.00 Purchase link

(OK, 45 dollars for a case with a power supply. Hmmm, what's the catch. Just joking. This is an insane price, well worth the 45 dollars.)


   Since this product is a case, I will not go into anything crazy on the installation; that would be more for a motherboard review. I will, however, mention a few of the features that pertain to installing parts which are feature oriented. 

   The power supply that comes stocked with this case has all the standard P4 and AMD ATX plug so you can install just about any of the current motherboards on the market. Also, SOYO has provided a nice feature for the gaming enthusiast: a three outlet adaptor. There will be no need for you to bring that pesky power strip when going to a LAN party. However, this can also be a drawback if you want a higher wattage PSU unit. This doesn't make the case very changeable when discussing options. If SOYO gave the option for a higher wattage PSU it would be more IDEAL. Let me clarify this statement: what I mean is you can replace the stock PSU, but you will lose the three extra outlets unless you want to mod out the PSU unit. So this feature has pros and cons: it will make the unit more situation dependent.


Appearance & Quality:

    For this review we are going to combine the appearance and quality because they are closely linked when discussing a case. Let us start with the handles. This feature is a must for any gamer that frequents LAN parties. The handle is plastic, so I wasn't expecting anything, but after I picked up the case my worries were put to rest. These handles are strong and solid, nothing to worry about at all. The fact that they fold over is a plus, it makes the case more visually appealing. I was also shocked at the weight, granted there was only a motherboard and a hard drive in it at this point, but it couldn't have weighed more the 20 lbs. This is much lighter then my current mid tower.



   SOYO placed a few external front USB ports for easy access. These are placed on the top of the case right in front of the handles. This to me was a plus, most of the time case manufacturers place them near the bottom where the doors are more likely to get broken when moving the PC. This can also be a disadvantage when talking about cable management but to me it is a small price to pay for a well placed outer port. It's in a perfect place for either a USB personal light or fan for those "all night" LAN parties.



  The stealth front panel is nice to hide any imperfections, such as CD cover colors not matching. It gives the case a nice clean look. The overall appearance of this stock case is nice. I personally like it and think SOYO did a good of making what appears to be their first gaming case.




    The packaging is nothing special, it is more then adequate and pretty standard. With that said, SOYO did put a nice handle on the packing box, but other then that it is standard, quality packaging.

    Let us take a look inside. The front has two 80mm fan mounts right in front of the hard drive racks. This is a big plus for any one concerned with heat issues or protecting your hard drive from overheating.

The back of this case also has an additional 80mm exhaust port to mount a fan.

    As you can see from the side panel, there is an exhaust port, not too big a deal, right? Take another look inside. SOYO has provided a hood to help direct heat from your CPU. SOYO has made this very versatile, you could even place a fan in the panel to help pull the hot air generated from your CPU. This feature will help make your case run a little bit faster. For better explanation of how the hood could help with airflow, check out our airflow article HERE. This will help a new PC enthusiast understand the importance of dissipating heat from your CPU.





Excellent look, very clean.

Light weight design with superb handle for easy transport.

Extra fan mounts and I like the thought put into the exhaust hood.

The three outlet expansion is a nice touch, it even has a breaker (no need for those annoying power strips).

The Price, oh did I say Price? Let me stress: the Price is great ))).




The PSU could be a bit tricky to replace if you need more then 350watts.

PSU wattage could be a bit higher.




    If you are looking for a cost effective, easy to lug around, well-built case, you found it. SOYO had the right ideas in mind when designing this case for LAN party enthusiasts. It was hard to find many faults with this product. It is the little things that makes this case so special. I am pleased to give SOYO's CX-S262 gaming case a well deserved score of 5 & 1/2 out of 6 stars for a well-made gaming product at an unbelievably low price!




Rating 5 & 1/2 out of 6 stars

Review Date 11/26/04

Reviewer pr101j (Paul)



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