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Pro Link GeForce FX 5700 LE 256 Meg



Purchased at New Egg




  Pro Link is a Taiwanese video card manufacturer that until now I have had no contact with. I saw the card first on and the specs intrigued me. So I decided to check it out.


Price Price is $124.00


Product Specs:


Chipset/Core Speed: NVIDIA GeForce FX5700LE/250MHz
Memory/Effective Speed: 256MB DDR/400MHz
Ports: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub) + VIVO + DVI
Support 3D API: DirectX 9.0, OpenGL 1.5
Cable/Accessories: VIVO Cable, Composite Cable, DVI to VGA Adapter, Manual, 2 CD
Max Resolution@32bit Color: 2048X1536@85Hz


  Now, this product is the only one in the 5700 LE class that I have seen with VI/VO, or Video in Video out capabilities,. This is feature that interested me.



  Another nice feature of this card is the multiple video output. The ability to have many different configurations and desktops allows the user to multitask better and quicker.


  After a little investigating I did notice that this card appeared to be over clocked out of the box or at the very least a faster GPU core than most of the other 5700 manufacturers. This was appealing to me, seeing extra power is not a bad thing.





  Installation went pretty smooth, the drivers installed easily. The capture software installed flawlessly. The documentation that came with the video card was clear and easy to read. The only issue I ran into during the installation process was  the video setting from the mother board. In order to play certain games without having problems, it was necessary to force the AGP setting to 8x and then turn of texture or write caching to the hard drive.





 This card has many nice features not available in its competitor’s cards at this price range.


 The fully covered heat sink surrounding just about the entire card is a plus for any person concerned with heat.



  And the color of the card itself was different then most other manufacturers. Most use one of three color schemes; red,  old school green, or black/purple. This card however was ASUS tan, or that gold color the majority of the ASUS A7N8X class comes in. Seeing this card was going in an ASUS it was a perfect choice.



  The retail box and packaging was pretty much like most manufacturers in quality. All video cards have similar design when it comes to packaging so not much to report there.






  After getting all the settings squared away we ran this baby threw some FutureMark test.


    You can see the results HERE & HERE.


  These tests were done using 3Dmark2001 and 3Dmark03. They also were done with an over clocked PC and defaults. As you can see, this card performs well under most stress situations.


  The 5700 LE performed very well for a mid range video card.




  So far ProLink has outdone itself in terms of quality. This card has been put through a number of tests, and even multiple desktop loads and. usability scenarios. It continues to operate with no malfunctions or glitches. The card itself appears well-made. Heat sinks are all very secure and are appealing to look at.


  This product was delivered in a well-packed outer box with foam peanuts and the inner box, (retail shown above) was designed to take some abuse. So the product arrived unscathed and unharmed.




 VI/VO works great, and to be the only one in the 5700 class I could find is a bonus.


 Performances were top notch and exceeded my personal expectations.


 Quality was very good. The card has been installed over 2 months now and has undergone many tests.  No hardware or software failures as of yet.


 Price is right at $124. It is a great deal and until the FX 6800 comes down a bit the price is right for the penny conscious buyer.


 Installation was a snap. No problems what so ever with the card itself. The motherboard on the other hand needed a few tweaks.





 Can't think of a single one.




 This product is a well made versatile workhorse that will serve its user well in almost any environment. I am confident in giving this card Marns CDA’s First Editors Choice Award.


6 out of 6 Starts


Congratulations!!!!!!  ProLink Product well made!


Review Date 9/27/2004



ProLink contact information is listed HERE


For sales info just got to



Customer Support Contacts:
Toll Free: (800) 390-1119
Local: (909) 395-9046
Press 1 for address verification and/or fraud issues.
Fax: (909) 395-8907
Preferred Account: (800) 453-2017


Write to Us:
132 South 6th Ave.
La Puente , CA 91746-3026


Customer Support Hours:
M-F: 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM PST (Excluding National Holidays)



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