This Case is a work in progress Initially there was no real theme but as the mods increased the theme took form.






Bellow is the base units I chose to work with and here is a link of full parts list.







Initially I went with the RGB color theme to match the lighting on the front of the case as you can see below.






Now above you can see I had a few blue cold cathode lights on a separate switch all the fans are Antec Tri color 80mm Led Sleeving is, UV sensitive Blue with Red Heat shrinking tube and I swapped out the ThermalTake Silent fan From the Heat Sink with one of the Antec and Used a Thermal Hood from to direct air strait from the CPU. At this time I was using the ASUS A7N8X-VM with on board NVIDIA card. The picture on the right side on the hard drive bay was the first step towards the SoundWave theme.







This set of shots shows the next mods that where done. An Antec Hard Drive Cooler was put in with front Temp. Readout. and I just got done Painting the Face plates for the Floppy At this time I was looking for some sort of compatible Faceplate for the DVD/CD-RW with little to no luck. Also on the picture to the far left you can see my new ProLink video Card NVIDIA GForce 5700 LE 256 meg of RAM with VI/VO. This Picture also allows you to see the sleeving better to the Antec 400 Watt PSU..


In The Center Picture you can see the Fan Control from Right Above that is the Antec Hard Drive cooling unit.


The far right Picture shows the Blow Hole I put in using a Nibbler and a dermel tool. At this point I am just using a skull grill cover till I can find on to match the Transformer theme..

Still Needs work But It is getting further along.








The Picture on the Left Is just a better look into the case showing the layout at this point you can see the Rounded Copper core cables for IDE and Floppy as well as the Video Card and Heat Sink setup.. Also you might just be able to see the Copper Heat Spreads for the RAM..


The Middle Pic Is the Second Theme Related Piece. Its the Decepticon Symbol 7.5" x 7.5" UV reactive.. There are Pics coming with UV lighting.


The Last Picture to the right Is just a birds eye view of the case overall...






The next few pictures there are allot of changes I had a few ideas and a bunch of parts came in sense the last Pics where done.








The picture on the left is the back of the case highlighting the light controls I put in.

1. Is a 3 way Center off switch from Radio Shack (this allows me to either put full power to the lights or run threw a Sound Activation Device.

2. & 3. Are Military Style Toggles one for each set of Cathode Lights.



As you can see the picture on the right is basically the finished product for the front. I decided to just paint the DVD/CD-RW the same color as I did the Floppy face plate, and I moved around the bays for a more appealing looks.





On the left I have circled the new case handles this picture does not show them well but they are there. They are from Home Depot 2.99 specials curved with posts. To add extra support from the inside I used regular 1" diameter washers on every post to prevent the handles from working there way threw the metal case. 



The middle picture shows my most recent mod a lighting bus this eliminated a tune of the Molex connectors and made the inside easier to look at. Basically it is a Radio Shack Project Box and PC board and a simple wiring design. All of the switches and Cathode Lighting goes to this box. and on the side the clear box is the Sound Activation Device I mentioned earlier. with everything sleeved it looks much nicer then wires going everywhere.



Latest Mods 8/11/04



Just received My Chipset Cooler ( Thermal Right NB-1C ) And  my UV sensitive Molex Terminals.




The Heat sink was very easy to install old one popped right off and new one fit like a glove.





Molex Terminals went on very easy I only did the female terminals atm when I get the rest of the PSU mods ordered I will finish the PSO terminal and the Male Molex terminals..




Looky Looky what I found



These are some of my old Gen-1 Transformers from my younger years there's got to be a place for them with the theme I chose.






Not a bad hrs. work oh also notice I put on a UV sensitive translucent Decepticon Badge in the lower left of the window.







PSU & Decals



Today I got in some new stuff I will be finishing the PSU mods and adding some decals to add to the theme. Adding UV Cover from and 2 fans one Antec 92mm Case Fan a 80mm Tri LED Fan




Had a few Connectors to finish up 



this is the finished PSU modded and sleeved for full guide click here.




Little accents Decals these are decals from the actual figures.






Got a few of my custom made grills Woot Woot






For Full details check out this link ( Custom Grill ) or go to Guides section.



New Hard Drive




Was at Comp USA today and saw a great deal US Logic Hard drive 160 gig 8meg cache for 69.99.

Best Part is it is actually a WD ATA 100 with a different box. The Pics above show it in my Antec Hard drive cooler.





New 92mm hole





Changed the finnish a little bit to used a dermel tool and polisher attachment to give the case a texture.





ReWired the Heat sink fans to make a little less clutter For step by step click Here.









Special Woot Woot to the Boys at

( I'm not sure its such a good thing living 5 min from this place )



by Marns CDA