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UV Drawing Mod!

By Lee





  What can I say...this is a cheap and easy mod to do (providing you have the patience and the time) and looks great once it's done. The designs you can do are limitless, you can simply go over the traces with one color and the solder points and other bits in a different color or if you feel a little more confident you can draw a picture, your name, a symbol etc...

  To get the best results you will need at least 2,probably 3 UV Cold Cathodes to make sure the UV reaches all the painted parts. I placed 1 on the bottom of the case,1 on the left side and 1 above, this pretty much illuminates the whole case, providing great effects.

  I started off by doing the graphics card which is an ATI 9800 Pro, yes..I was a little worried in case I shorted the board, but I had been told by many people that PCB's contain a plastic coating to prevent that sort of thing happening, so with a bit more confidence I did it and everything went well and now it looks better than ever :)

  Once I'd finished the graphics card I decided to do the Motherboard but with a different color combination, which also turned out very nice.




  For this mod you will need the following:


                     Graphics card and / or  a motherboard

                     A screwdriver, to remove the hardware from your PC case

                     BIC Gel Intensity pens. Bear in mind that the best glowing colors are pink, orange, green and yellow. Dark colors such as blue, black and purple will not glow at all.

Image Loaned to Us from the origin of this mod

                     UV lighting in your case,3 cold cathodes will provide great results.

                     A tissue, in case you make a mistake


 Time to complete:

   The graphics card took about 3 - 4 hours, this is mainly because the ink wouldn't come out of the pen, but I found the best way to get the stuff out was to gently press the pen tip on the board and go over the same line a few times, I don't recommend pressing firmly on the board with the pen as this can damage the board and the pen tip.

  The motherboard took approximately 6 hours due to the same reasons as before, but with a little patience everything went fine.



  One of the best things about this mod is it's very cheap to do, a pack of 2 BIC Gel Intensity pens can be found at most stationers for about 1,75 .The UV lights are also very cheap,2 UV Cold Cathodes retail online at about 2.49 UK Pounds (at


  Step By Step Instructions:


                     The first thing you need to do is remove the hardware your going to mod from your case, this is easily done with a screwdriver.


                     Once you have removed the hardware use a dry tissue or cloth to remove any dust from it


                     Ok, now if you want to do a different design to mine, I suggest you plan how you want it to look before actually doing it as things can get messy if you make a mistake.


                     When your ready, grab the orange gel pen and start going over the traces on the board (these are the very thin lines that are all over the board). If there are a lot of traces in one area, you don't necessarily have to paint them all as it will look a bit messy, instead just paint one line, leave a couple and continue painting the next line, believe me it will look a lot better this way. Remember don't press too hard, just enough so that the ink comes out, then go over the same line again a few times to give it a good coating.


                     Once your happy with it, put away the orange and take out the green. If you prefer you can let the orange dry a little firs, but the chances are it won't dry at all until its in your case again (bear in mind it may never completely dry). Start by coloring the solder points and other little connectors in green (or any color you want), these will be a lot easier to paint than the traces, but still give them a good coating anyway.


                     If you have some more colors, use these to paint any other little objects you see can see on the board.


                     I decided to paint the heat sinks too, if you want to, I suggest just painting a few lines on the top instead of the whole thing as it may reduce it dispersing heat properly, if you don't like how it looks after you've done it, simply take a tissue and wipe it off.


                     Once you like how it all looks and want to see its real effect, very carefully place it back in your PC case, secure it, turn off the lights and power it up. You will be surprised how much better it looks under UV.



  The ink may never dry so whenever you have your case is open be very careful not to smudge any of it, if you do, don't worry simply clean it up a little with a tissue and paint that spot again.

  Dust may settle on the board from time to time, but don't worry, this is no big deal, most of it can just be blown off :)

  Obviously if you see any signs of damage, heather it's on the actual board or hardware errors from Windows, You can easily wipe off all the ink with a soft, dry tissue. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL!


Well that's about it, Check out the pics ;)




 Misc. Stages along the way


I would like to thank Lee for his contribution to our site. Nice Job bro the detail and time involved makes this one awesome mod!!!! Thanks..

Paul (pr101j)


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